Thursday, June 14, 2012

Around The Interwebs

*Random, I love that word "interwebs", I think I got it from Stuff Nigerians Hate, same as "teh ghey"........hilarious.

Anyhoo, I spend loads of time on the internet and as such I'm heavily exposed to all sorts of stuff that most people who have things to do will never see. Luckily you have me, a professional layabout to bring it to you.

Was sent this adorable video of sisters Lennon & Maisie Stella doing a cover of Robyns 'Call Your Girlfriend' while using empty margarine containers for percussion.

Love the harmony. Lord knows I will pay good money to be able to sing. I'll never speak normally anymore, I'll just sing entire conversations, might even start doing audio blog posts.....all sung of course.

Now I know 'Call Me Maybe' covers have been done to death but this one is my absolute favourite one.....for now anyway.

Barry Obama killing 'Call Me Maybe'

Then I just had to post my favourite Kid Fury video on here. Its the one he made about the birth of Blue Ivy. If you don't follow Kid Fury on twitter, subscribe to his Youtube videos or read his are missing out, this boy is hella funny.

Last but not least of the madness to be found on the internet is Got 2 Be Real. Its a parody series created by @PattiLaHelle and the first time I saw an episode I actually cried from laughter, real tears. I laugh A LOT, like huge, back slapping, rolling on the floor type laughs and I'm passionate about keeping up my laugh quota so I constantly seek out hilarious situations or people...constantly.

The Got 2 Be Real series is ridiculous, its about "divas" e.g. Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin etc and them just basically shading everyone around them as well as themselves. @PattiLaHelle also does the voices for most of the characters and in this episode my favourite voices are def  Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan and Rihanna.

This clip is from Season 2 Episode 5 and its basically all of them going in on Mary J. Blige for doing the Burger King ad which I loved by the way. How could anyone not like that song, MJB killed it.

"Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing, wrapped up in a, tasty, flour tortilla........."

I will forever be thankful to God that I was able to see the ad before it got pulled off the internet.....eternally grateful.


Btw, start the video from the 1.30 mark, the rest before that its all filler stuff.

The LOOK on all their faces when 'young Rihanna' was singing 'Hero'...slayed me.

Love and light xx


  1. lol at Obama's Call Me Maybe... hahahaha!!

  2. The Obama one is hilarious and Rihanna singing hero and those face lol! I will pay to also know how to least I can sing better than Cassie :D

    Stella Uzo

  3. "ashanti with her side burns, nonexistent, Keri hilson in them drawstring ponytails she tries to get away with, bitch kaboom" LMAO Kid fury for president!

  4. LMAO! The last video killed esp when Beyonce was laughing at Rihanna.
    Thanks for sharing, totally made my day.

  5. I always say the same thing, if I could sing pple would not hear word! Love the song! I think Lennon and Maisy's is actually a cover of a cover done by the group Erato. Love their version too. Here's the link.

  6. My fav was the sisters o. *sigh* Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. lol hilarious definitely made my day so far

  8. hahahahah!!! OMG Kid Fury on Blue Ivy having 'enough edges for herself, for u and for me', "Dive into her edges", ROTFLOL *tears*, "Blue Ivy's eyebrows snatched tighter than Miguel's V.JJ" *laughing and crying harder* Ashanti's none-existent eyebrows, Keri Hilson's draw-string pony tails that she tries to get away with... I am following this guy on Twitter this moment! buahaha! Thank you so much for bringing this much laughter to me today.

  9. The "Call me Maybe", Obama version is a huge hit. LOL

  10. Love your VL jacket on Bella Naija....... Pls follow our blog xxxxxxxx

  11. I cant breathe...Got2bereal has me on the floor


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