Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I like to think TWP exists in a sort of limbo that is unmarked by whatever upheavals happening in the world which is why I don't comment on political or controversial issues on it and would rather take my tirade to twitter. What happened on Sunday, June the 3rd was however inescapable.

I've literally being staring at my computer screen for at least 30 minutes because I'm not sure what to say. Everything and more has been said and none of it can bring back any of the people that died in that plane crash. I like to believe my faith in God and His ways transcends whatever life may throw at me but I think that's because I have been extremely fortunate to not have undergone any form of tragedy.

People who lost mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and entire families, can they be blamed if their faith wavers even for a second? We're all children of God, we are all alive by His mercy, but I can not for the life of me understand the works of His hands sometimes. An entire family; mother, father, children, ceased to exist as of Sunday, completely wiped out, no trace of them ever again. People lost both parents, lost their children, people who recently suffered deaths also lost someone again on Sunday. Would you blame them if they asked "why me Lord'? Are they not as prayerful maybe more so than the rest of us for whom the impact of this tragedy is also receding? Continuing along this train of thought might become a little blasphemous so I'll stop there but this mindless tragedy makes no sense.

The fact that you can be alive one minute and just....not there the next is terrifying, death is terrifying. The nothingness scares me more than anything.

Even more terrifying is the realization that you are about to die, the last moments of the passengers on that flight can not even be imagined. The children, the babies.......the parents who had to be strong for their children even when they were scared themselves........Father Lord, I can't even begin to imagine what these people went through. Nobody deserves this kind of ending so why did it have to happen to them? 

I have cried, prayed, raged and lost hours of sleep but already the pain of it has slowly begun to recede from memory, making me feel guilty for watching tv shows or finding something funny when I know over 153 people will never be able to do the same again. I start to act like everything's normal then I look at my bbm updates where every single person has "RIP' up on their status and then the realization that hundreds of families lives are irrevocably changed hits me again.

I know there's supposed to be a reason for everything but for the life of me I can not see the reason for this needless loss of life. I try to take solace in the fact God knows best but from time to time I'm besieged by niggling rebellious thoughts wondering why this had to happen. I was not even as directly affected as so many people so if I'm feeling this way its sad to imagine how so many other people are feeling.

To the people that died as a result of the Dana Airways crash on Sunday, may the Lord God take your souls into His house, may He give your families solace and the fortitude to bear the emptiness.

Rest in peace Dunni Doherty and Mrs. Akwaeze.



  1. What you said about watching tv then seeing an RIP update on bbm is exactly what has been happening to me. I'm still so depressed about it all but I don't want to sin against God with all the questions I have. May their souls rest in perfect peace.

  2. May all their souls rest in perfect peace and may God have mercy on their souls Xx

  3. It's been quite surreal. The scale of the human experience was apparent when, with one eye on Twitter, the horrible news came to me in unceasing waves, and with the other eye I watched a tennis player whose entire world, at that moment, was defined by winning a game.

    It's bizarre how life hands out various fates to all and sundry. We could even go as far as wondering why some ail, or live in poverty, while others do not. I suppose, we have to "continue to believe in those things we know to be true in the light, even in times of darkness."

    1. "Continue to believe in those things we know to be true in the light, even in times of darkness"
      Awesome quote
      Sigh. May God be a source of comfort for the bereaved.

  4. Lost 2 people to that crash, I can'teven begin to explain the hurt I feel!!! I just try to console myself with the thought that God has his reasons for the things that happen.........

  5. I have said it too many times that the whole thing is just awful. I haven't asked the "Why,God?" question because honestly, my little human mind won't be able to comprehend. Right now, my heart just goes out to all the people who lost a loved one.

  6. Everything about this post = my sentiments exactly. My God! This life! May their souls rest in perfect peace :-(

  7. You are not alone. Indeed, I have only just allowed myself to cry this evening because I have been afraid that crying will signify the finality and reality of the situation. I can't tell you how much time I have spent looking at pictures of the deceased, imagining their thoughts 1hr before,hearing them laugh, and then I try to imagine their final moments and it gets all too painful. Never have I felt so pained, so affected by an incident like this. I guess it's the pictures which our smart phones relay to us - we are no longer shielded, no longer far away...BBM shows that almost all contacts knew someone or someone who knew someone...

    I take solace in the fact that Jesus never taught or promised that we would not see tribulation and pain, indeed, He warned us...How can I hold Him to a promise that He never made...I asked for a word yesterday and came across the scripture that says 'my peace I leave with you, let not your heart be troubled'. I decided there and then that I will not let my heart be troubled. The pain will heal and He indeed knows best and does all things well so He will do the comforting, yes He will deal with this matter. It does not take all the pain away but neither does my worrying. I look to Him.

  8. I still cannot fathom the crash. I am the same trying to live life normally, but you just realize life is a gift and it's not fair that these people had to die senselessly. I still cry from time to time, because you can empathize with the plane crash. You one way or the other knew someone in the plane crash. I also wonder Why on Earth they had to die that way. My faith shall not be deterred by the Grace of God but made stronger by this crash, knowing we never know when it will be our last day.

  9. sunday was just Black Sunday for Nigerians! The news of the plane crash sent more than chills down my spine. Couldn't sleep that night! My heart wept for the victims! Saw on the paper that one of the burnt bodies was clutched to a burnt child. Mschew! It's bloody sad! It questions my faith. I wonder y bad things happen to good pp. I have rebellious thoughts like u do but @ the end of the day, i still say there must bbe a God somewhere.

  10. Oh the worst part for me was when I looked at the pictures of some of the victims. It killed me, could not stop crying: young, old, an army officer going back to work from his seconds child's naming ceremony, a young lady who was to get married in July, a father and a mother, a girl who was to go for heart surgery, a family who brought their kids to Nigeria for the first time..............The list is endless, people who had lives like us and plans, just wiped away in less than 30 minutes i'm sure. Its too sad, like you said, I feel so hurt and I don't even know any of them personally, so imagine how their families and friends will feel please.

    My dad was on that same plane a few weeks back from Uyo and had to wait 5 hours for it to be fixed before boarding it, the plane did not crash. The fact that it choose to crash now is just what we as human beings will never ever understand. God gives and takes that is all I can say, and no matter how long or how short each of our lives are we must remember that each person will surely die. It will hurt so bad but we are not here permanently and for every beginning there is an end. May their souls and the souls of every single person that has died through bomb blasts, rest in peace!

  11. Hey hon. It's not been a really good week for a lot of people around the world and many of us didn't have family on that flight.

    One thing I've come away from the news of the crash with is that God sets different paths in front of us and nobody can judge their path from that of another person. We praise God in times of rejoicing and He remains God in times like this. As the poster above me said, He "gives and takes away" but He will never take away our joy. Imagine the victims now in a better place, no more slaves to pain or suffering. That's wonderful and it hurts for loved ones in mourning but God will continue to watch for as many of His children that He leaves alive on earth.

    I can't explain my conviction better than I have but it's helped me process the pain. RIP Obiola Ikpoki.

  12. It's really saddenly and trumatic. I won't forget what my baby sis said while she watched the news on TV.She said, "so their own Jesus has come". I couldn't help but ponder on those words, no one really knows tomorrow with all our mighty plans and thoughts, God alone knows who He will show mercy and I keep begging Him to keep me and loved ones in His Mercy list. The sad events of these days sometimes make me feel I'm too materialistic wanting cloths, vacations, etc while people die. I realise my problems are not even problems. Sigh*. Celebrating people and their achievements while they are alive and being conscious of God is the best because we are not sure of tomorrow. May the Souls of the departed Rest In Peace. Amen

  13. NO words ! May they all rest in Peace .

  14. You have said every thought that go through my mind where there is a tragedy such as this. How can you comfort a family member who lost a love one, what do you say, what do you do. The mere thought that they will not be here again is unfathomable. I think of death just like you do, the nothingness, I wonder and try to think about it and the finality is excruciating to think about. I question God, and then feel so guilty for questioning, I can say he knows best, but then think, but, I cannot handle his best. All I can say is that only he knows his way, even though I do question it, it is his way. My condolences to all who may have lost a family member and to the people of Nigeria.

  15. Rest In Peace to all those we lost. May those who lost someone be consoled. *sigh*


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