Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gone till........heck knows

Soooo its been eons since my last proper post and that's mainly because I was so frazzled trying to condense my life in the UK into as many suitcases as KLM would permit and then getting into Lagos and having to deal with......well, Lagos.

Anyway in this time I've sorely neglected TWP and to the people who really love and follow this blog and to all the people who have sent me messages asking where TF I was, I am very very sorry I went ghost without any explanation.

I'm actually writing this now to explain my further absence. I'm currently in the process of getting a new job, starting a new business and basically getting my life sorted so although I love my blog to bits I won't really have the time to deal with it right now. Hopefully the puzzle pieces of my life might align sooner than I think and I'll be back to blogging form again but till that happens TWP would have to suffer for it.

Before I waltz out of your lives I'll just do a quick catch up post in case you're interested in anything I've been up to in the past month.

My besties came to town to watch our lovely November bride Neks try on wedding dresses, I've never done that before, and we had all the proper accompaniments; champagne, attendants lying through their teeth, lots of laughs.

Fun times.

I spent literally every day of my last week with Ags of Zeldan Festus and we ran riot in London. I had left a lot of my shopping to the very last minute and Ags was a massive help, helping me navigate that nightmare called Oxford Circus of London Above...
*sorry just finished reading Neil Gaimans 'Neverwhere' and his take on a fantastical London has infiltrated me. I've been talking in Gaiman speak all day*

Went vintage shopping at Brick Lane for the first time with Ags the weekend before I left. I regard it as a personal disgrace because I lived literally 5 minutes from Brick Lane and I never went there. The deals were beyond ridic, if you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen the pictures I kept posting, I was so shocked. Ferragamo flats for 10 pounds, Pradas for 25, Escada, Moschino......

I was so mad that I was already down to my last few pounds or I'd have gone HAM in there, I got a fab gold baroque pant suit though, which I had to tweak a bit but it fits like a glove now. Can't wait to wear it.

Fashions Night Out was epic.

I mean Matthew Williamson looked at me almost longingly.

Night. Made.

He is such a lovely, lovely man with infinite patience. I'm not an internationally famous designer but there's no way I'd have stood for hours like him, being an absolute charmer, taking pictures, hugging and kissing people.


 If that's not a look of love I don't know what it is.

Finally wore my Virgos Lounge Holly skirt for the first time, paired with the Moss blouse..

Yay? Nay?

Terrence of One Nigerian Boy was on hand as a fashion supernova to navigate the mean streets of FNO and we had A blast!

and my lovely Ags!

Will you look at that head of hair...sooo soft and curly and all those fabulous natural hair adjectives.

I used to stroke it idly when I was bored, helped me think.

Hello Lagos!

and I saved the best for last...

Mummy Fabulous.

I might still drop by from time to time but I doubt I'll be back to regular blogging for the forseeable future but in the meantime I will be adding some more pieces to ShopTWP soon, so my readers and buyers in Lagos who are interested in helping me pair down my wardrobe, keep your eyes peeled and all that. When I do I'll tweet the link or put it up on the TWP Facebook page.

Auf wierdesehen



Au revoir

Love and light xx


  1. Well dear, we'll miss the fabulousness that is you, but we wish you nothing but the best....

  2. Daks!!! Come back! I miss you, London Jand just isn't the same, jor! Hopefully I'll be in Lagos soon! Miss you hommie, but I know you'll be doing big things!! Love ya!

    ps. YAY! duh it's Virgos Lounge!!! And you wear it well!!!

  3. Awww! will miss you. pls blog more often. Just a lil pix now and then will make us happy too. Welcome to lagos!

  4. Awwwww....we re most def gonna miss you...sad face!! i'wud check the blog just every other day to see if something new was posted but nooo....and i was wondering where daks was?? so now i know i wish u the very best in life and cant wait to see wat u come up n light.TWP addict

  5. You look fab dear. Goodluck with your future endeavours.

  6. TEARS. Your blog posts took me through some crazy times (yes, it had that effect). Glad you are back in the jungle. Wishing you much success and blessings!!

  7. Awwww! Thanx for your many stories and fashion have really been an inspiration. Good luck with your next phase...I hope you don't abandon TWP totally.

  8. forget u.... ur mama is a hottie!!!! lol welcome to lagos

  9. I like ur bag in d 1st pic........wat make is it


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