Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Best of the Mid-Week

Hectic does not even begin to describe my life recently, Q4 is winding down and I'm more stressed out than poor Miley's Tongue.

*sidebar, don't you think Gene Simmons is somewhere saltier than a TUC biscuit that Miley has appropriated his tongue sticky-outey swag? I definitely think so*

Anyway what I've been doing to de-stress is reading A LOT, Amazon is about to gift me some shares because I have invested my earnings in that company. Watching a lot of movies and tv and just generally being the biggest couch potato once I get off work each day. Honestly its being a while since I gbesoke'd or komole'd or anything of that nature.

Unfortunately my quiet life is about to be a thing of the past because Wedding Season has officially begun and from this weekend, I literally have multiple weddings and events each weekend until 2014. I'm looking forward to the festivities a bit because its been a while since I shook my tail feather, but at the same time I'm going to miss my squashy couch, oversized t-shirt, ac, internet, Kindle, tv and remote control.

Its been real guys, see you next year.

During this delicious down time as I said I watched a lot of stuff and hands down one of my favourite movies of the year was 'Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Biopic.'

If you follow me on Twitter you're probably tired of my relentless raving but when I tell you that these girls did the damn thing I'm not even joking. The nostalgia was too real throughout the entire movie, I was singing along, hollering at my computer screen, crying with them. Like...I never knew TLC went through so much. I was really young when they came out so the whole Left-Eye burning her boyfriends house or Chilli's relationship with Dallas Austin, even T-Boz's sickle cell was completely above me. All I knew was that they were cool and I had to have pink silk pyjama's like they did in 'Creep'

*and I got the pink silk pyjama's too, shout out to my Aunty Rose*

And the resemblance was uncanny, well that is where Drew Sidora and Lil' Mama were concerned, Keke Palmer so did not make a good Chilli. Chilli is small, petite, really fine-featured and Keke was all taller than the rest of the girls and heavy boned (compared to Chilli), I just didn't buy her as Chilli. Lil' Mama and Drew though......whoooooo chiiilleeee *in my best Nene voice*, those girls were FIRE.

Like I forgot I was seeing them, Lil Mama in particular became Lisa Lopes, it was so uncanny it was freaky sometimes. She was soooo good. I am still shocked because she had become a bit of  a punchline but I was so happy she used this movie to shut everybody down because the girl can act. I was so impressed. Drew Sidora was amazing too, she reminded me why T-Boz was my favourite member of TLC, too cool for all the schools. I LOVE T-Boz's gravelly voice and though Drew didn't have the bass down pat I thought she did a phenomenal job.

Plus Evan Ross as Dallas Austin....weak performance but *whew*

Everybody involved in this movie deserves some ice-cream and fat cheques because they pulled out all the stops. Peep the trailer below.

Fire up your torrent, do whatever you have to do, but if you were a TLC fan, you have to see this movie.

Oh and TLC have a new song 'Meant To Be', that's already on heavy rotation on my iTunes. I won't put up the video here because its already in the movie and if you see the video first it might spoil it for you but the song is so awesome and so vintage TLC and my baby T-Boz sounds like her vocals were pissed on by angels.

My only other pet peeve with the movie besides Keke Palmer not being an authentic Chilli was Keke's hair not giving us authentic Chilli baby hair. Now we all know Chilli's baby hair is the Queen of Baby Hair. Her baby hair is what lace-fronts were modeled on and they're still reaching but I don't know what kind of dime-store wig they put on Keke, but the hair just looked aged. That really annoyed me, I felt like going after her with gel, edge control and a toothbrush every time she appeared on screen.

I saw people making noise about how a Destiny's Child biopic would be fire but, hand on heart, I love Beyonce Knowles like a sister but there is no way in hell the true story behind Destiny's Child will be told because the Knowles family will be all over that movie. It'll be told solely from the point of view of Beyonce, and maybe Kelly if she's lucky. This TLC movie showed ALL their flaws, disappointments, wins...everything.

A Destiny's Child movie would just be a longer version of 'Life is but a Dream'

Oh and I had to drop this video here, a lot of people have forgotten this song but its one of my favourite TLC songs and videos.

All you need is a stripper pole, baby oil and some fishnets.

Also, I saw this Volvo commercial recently and without a shadow of a doubt Jean Claude Van Damme is a beast and Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Bruce Willis.....hell even Liam Neeson will just have to deal.

Oh. My. Freakingoodness!

*fans self*

*wipes sweat*

How do you just assume such a chilled position while hanging onto life by a thread? Really?

I mean Liam Neeson can save you from international paedophiles, but can he do splits between two several ton trucks driving backwards?

I think not.

Love and light xx


  1. Jean Claude Van Damme KILLED IT!!! Saw the video last week.

  2. heheheheh loved this post enjoy your owambes....

  3. U certainly love u sum TLC! *thumbs up* for being refreshingly different.

  4. lol @ stripper pole and baby oil

  5. Nice to have you back. Can't wait to see you slay it for wedding season. Trust you.
    Now with this TLC review, I now want to watch it. I just have to learn how to download with torrent by force.
    And Van Damme... omo much respect, dude is really the baba of splits and the muscles from Brussels. Epic split of life, with the trucks driving backwards and all done in one take....baba o!
    You also need to see 'the ballerina' Volvo ad too. Who thinks of these things.

  6. This is a great and nice one,you are too much ooO,let's go on,please keep it up and active.

  7. Yayyy... no more couch potato Miss! I cant wait to see all your outfits. Btw love the way you write... you have me in stitches everytime.

  8. HAHA gurl you are RIGHT ABOUT THE DC BIOPIC! life is but a dream part 2! we dont want none of that abeg.

  9. Jean Claude Van Damme Is.A.Beast.Among.Beasts. like, the Simba among beasts. I have not seen the TLC bio-pic, but i like the reviews so far.



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