Monday, November 5, 2012

Nne's Journey

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you'll know I've been on wedding overload for about 2 weeks now. My bestie of 17 years got married last weekend and it was a throw down of epic proportions, from the traditional wedding to the bridal shower, to the hen do, to the rehearsal dinner and finally D-Day......the wedding. It was a party from start to finish
Its been frankly surreal watching it all happen, from the day she got engaged up until the wedding day I still couldn't believe Nneka was getting married. The same girl I met in Jss1 in Queens College, that I shared boarding house woes with, studied for exams with, partied with, traveled with, got shattered with, had sleepovers with....became a wife on Saturday.
She basically transformed from being my friend to being someones wife and I was so proud of how she embarked on and ended her journey, with extreme maturity and grace. Nne was not a bridezilla at all thank God, which made my job as a bridesmaid and friend-in-need so much easier.

I've had the same core group of friends from JSS1 and all of us were in full effect for TNA2012 ensuring that Nneka had all the support she needed.

Traditional Wedding
We drove down to Nnewi for the traditional wedding, let me re-phrase that, we were driven down to Nnewi, Lord knows I could never make that journey. Anyhoo the road trip was so much fun, I hadn't done that in a while and I'd been looking forward to it for weeks. Basically the entire wedding party; bride and grooms side; drove in a convoy from Lagos to the East and it was so much fun.

In this photo we had stopped at Ondo State to get fuel and somehow managed to get entangled in a mad womans rant. This was taken before the woman revved up properly so we were still all smiles thinking she was harmless.

Hairnets and scarves are the only way to survive a road trip, none of that hair flying around and getting into crevices thanks very much.


Was sooo excited when we crossed the Niger bridge, I love me some Biafra.


Our beautiful Nnewi/Item bride

*I did her make-up!*


In her 2nd outfit after she had found her husband.


Bridal Shower and Hen Night

The next event on the agenda was the bridal shower which had been a great source of stress for my fellow planners and I for the past 2 months. The theme was an English tea party as a nod to Nneka's British ancestry and everybody had to come in shift dresses, twinsets, fascinators, hats, pearls....the works. We had the whole room tricked out in Union Jack bunting, flags, plates, cups etc and despite all the planning brouhaha we had endured it turned out fantastic. The guests were amazing and everybody dressed the part beautifully.

Our crowning moment was when the bride declared it the happiest day of her far.


You cannot imagine our relief.



After the bridal shower was the hen night and the theme was loosely pegged as Playboy Bunnies in Sin City, hence the black dresses and bunny ears.

A beyond epic night which took a turn for the hilarious when the groom and his groomsmen crashed our party.


The Rehearsal Dinner

We had dinner at Marco Polo and my Nne turnt it up in another fab outfit.


The Wedding

The official happiest day of Nneka's far.

I'm in bed on a Sunday night tapping away on my computer so I can finish all my draft posts and go to sleep, I've had a fantastic week and I can't believe that there's no more planning, no more dress fitting, nothing else to do. My Neks is now married, she has assumed one of the several roles she was born for and I am so happy I got to share every moment with her.

I love you Mrs. Nneka Osoka and I wish you all the very best in your new life.

Love and light xx




  1. Congrats to you and her on the wedding. 17 years no be small thing. It must have been emotional for you lot.

    She looks super stunning. And THAT is a bridal train. Gorgeous!

  2. LOVELY!!!! And those bridesmaids outfits are fab!

  3. Here dress is gorge!!! Wow! Where did she get it from?

  4. Stunning bride,gorgeous friends,lovely post..

  5. Nneka was such a stunning bride, and u can tell that she has such a warm and gentle spirit. Its quite rare having the same circle of friends for years...i envy u guys. I especially loved the black dress Nneka had on for the rehearsal party, and Ada u did a fantastic job with her makeup!

    Congrats Nneka and i wish u a very happy and favor-filled marriage!


  6. Congrats Nneka! You're sooooooo beautiful, everything looks absolutely fab <3
    Where is her dress from??!!!!

  7. The best week ever!! i'm still trying to recover...
    Congratulations over and over again to #TNA, Love you so much and i pray God continues to guide and protect this marriage.

    @anon 12:58 & 4:41, her dress was Monique Lhullier :)

  8. btw Daks,that last paragraph got me so emotional...*wipes tear*

  9. awwwww! u all look stunning,....I can imagine how u feel,felt same way when my best friend of 17 years also got married...thou our friendship hasn't changed as much as I expected it to,considering she has a child now.Hope it's the same for you lots...great job on the make up too....cheers

  10. Eyaaa, same friends since 17 years. Where can that happen with the beehive of jealousy in this world which I can't comprehend. TWP, I LOVE your look for her trad.
    The bride is soo beautiful and exhumes a calm spirit which I noticed from her blog down to her bridal shower pics I saw on facebook. Happy Married life Nneka!

  11. am sure u have heard you guys look so alike. almost like sisters

  12. Beautiful wedding! I love the bridesmaids dress and color. She looks absolutely gorgeous. You guys did a great job. All the best in your marriage...Nneka. Everybody looks great.


  13. stunning!

    ps the wedding photographer is amazing, photos look so dreamy

    1. Haha - thanks Sabirah...full wedding up on the blog now. Was an amazing day :-)

  14. I love you soooo much Adaku baby!! Let me say that you are one of the very few handful that made the wedding week/weekends a complete blast and happiest moment of my life!! Friends forever walahi!! Love you forever!! (I'm here borrowing internet to express my love to you! lol)

  15. She was truly a beautiful bride, and her dress was amazing. Happy married life, lady!

    Meanwoos, Daks...that your fuschia asoebi was absolutely killing them. Love it.

  16. Please, where did they get the bridesmaids dress from? Please baby>

  17. Congrats to the bride. You all looking very stunning in your colorful dresses. Some of the bridemaids were overdressed for the tea party and i think that takes the focus away from the bride-was supposed to be her moment to shine.

    1. The theme required guests to come dressed as English ladies at High Tea. Everyone was encouraged to be as inventive as possible and at the end of the night the bride picked the best dressed guest, who also won a prize.

      So the dressing was not in an effort to overshadow the bride or as you say "take the focus away" from her.

      Love and light xx

  18. Adaku dear, i commend you for the nice make up yo did for your bestie. The bridesmaid looked gorgeous, the bride looked stunning also. I see Yoko too. #beautifulWedding.

  19. *sigh* I am so thrilled for Nneka..
    God bless her home and everyone that made her plans a success..

    Lovely post...xx


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