Tuesday, July 10, 2012


*Warning, photo overload*

I think I'm back in my blogging stride, finally done with my move, completely done with school and now counting down till I can go home.

So graduation was last week, the 6th graduation ceremony in my life so far, I've become quite blase about these things :),  scratch that it was an awesome day. Mrs. U was representing, my friends and loved ones came from everywhere to celebrate with me, I had soooo much fun. The only downside was that I had to move away from Aberdeen a couple days after which was kinda sad. I'd been looking forward to leaving for yonks and when I finally did, I actually missed its grey, granite buildings.

Anyhoo deuces to the past and on to bigger and better things.

With all the hoopla that day I completely forgot to take off my gown and get a proper picture of my dress. This one was taken when we were prepping to go into the auditorium, hope it suffices.

H&M sheer neckline dress
ASOS spiked bar belt
ASOS double gold cuffs
Zara ankle strap pumps

Later that night at dinner, I'd intended to wear something else entirely but after a long day of being squeezed into a tight dress and painful shoes, I needed to breathe and did a complete outfit 360.

Zara sheer white shirt
Zara silk pajama pants
Zara neon necklace
ASOS neon laser clutch

*is it obvious I went HAM at the Zara sale?*


Probably the bit about Aberdeen I'm going to miss the most, my ride or die, partner in crime, child of two cultures, my gorgeous hybrid AdanneTiti :(

Officially LLB, BL, LLM, ACIArb.

Love and light xx



  1. Wow! CONGRATS Dear! E no easy o, lol. Beautiful pictures. Lovely outfits :)

  2. your mummy is just too HOT! Mrs U. looking FAB... Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

  3. Congratulations Adaku, so inspiring
    Best of luck on your move back to Nigeria...
    PS, you looked lovely

  4. Congratulations!
    Your mum is so hot, I love her style.

  5. Congratulations mama and Happy Birthday!!! I am a July baby as well and I say my Birthday is the whole month long:) I stalk your blog frequently but for some reason never comment.
    You look gorgy but looking at your Mom omo you have no choice o. You have to keep up. Thumbs up to Mrs.U!!!
    Good luck on the road ahead.....You will shine and soar....all while looking fabulous!!!

  6. Congrats! Lovely pictures...

    ps. where are the wedding shoot pics, saw a number of pics updated by peeps on bbm. :D

  7. woohooo!...congrats...

    wait! ..u're moving back? Don't leave me in this continent *wails*

  8. Daks i love you but Mrs U....... No words. She is one beautiful and tres HOT mommy.
    Congrats again. With another lawyer on my side i can't be harassed. No?

  9. Adammadu!!! Congratulations!!
    You looked great *as usual* but Mrs U is just too much!! Hot damn!!
    Hurry home so I can start chopping "oil money" biko

  10. Mrs U outshining everyone as usual :)

  11. Congrats! Been following your blog for yonks! (Actually,since 2009)...I'm actually very inspired by you : beauty AND brains! Lovely outfits too. Congrats again...!

  12. Lovely pictures! Sorry babe because you mom just stole this show ;) She looks fabulous. Again, did you come to my closet because I am looking for my pants lol! Love your dres and make up. Congrats again!

    When are you moving? I told you to move to whatsapp biko lol!


  13. Congratulations Adaku. Wishing you all the best. Love your outfits.

  14. Congratulations! Beautiful pictures.

  15. Congratulations once more sugs and ur momma looked HOT!!!

  16. Huge congrats Adaku! Hope you go on to even bigger and better things xx

  17. wow!you are one hot Lawyer.Congrats

  18. Congratulations!!! Good luck on everything! You and your mom and true BEAUTIES oh my!!

  19. A big big congrats to you dear. E no easy at all.

  20. TWP Congratulations. Onwards and upwards by His grace.

    Original Asamkpokoto looks gorgeous. Did you have a dress code by the way?

  21. congrats

    Now your mom,,,,thats is one fashionista. me likey

  22. Congrats and i wish you the very best.. Love those pants

  23. Congrats!..
    Wish you success!

  24. Congrats nne!...brain and beauty..loving ur first outfit.

    Ur mommy is a banger o chai!

    Nwabugo's blue shoes i love! Love her second outfit too.

  25. You look absolutely amazing!!! (As per usual!) And CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  26. Congrats Babe. "Wedding shoot pics"? Ah, Mama TWP give your loyal readers gist naa :D

  27. congratulations and wish you the best.
    p.s. your mom is FABULOUS :)

  28. Congratulations girlll. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
    Meanwoos your mom is a babe o! Ahn ahn, e no easy. You looked great, and I love Poshbug's blue shoes, blue skirt etc.

  29. congratulations!!!

    wishing you all the best x

  30. Congrats...I wish you many more achievements.

  31. So chic outfits!
    Love your pants!
    xoxo Ewa


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