Monday, March 4, 2013

TWP Tees

So a while ago I decided to take a step further towards this whole "building a brand" thing and make some t-shirts with my blog name on it just for me to wear out and about, be my very own billboard if you please.

Who'da thunk it though, other people actually want the stuff and so far I've sold about 8 pieces. I have now decided to spread the word.

The Black Tees

The White Tees

My friend Nwabugo got one

I love them so much I even wore one to work.

TWP tees available to order, comes with either just "Third World Profashional" written on it; or
"Third World Profashional" written on it with the accompanying pink silhouette. Available in black and white.

To order please email with your colour, design preference and size. 

Can only deliver within Lagos for now.

Love and light xx



  1. So cute I love the pink silhouette :D

  2. You go girl!I am so excited for you. You have been consistent with your blog and you have pretty much built a brand without even knowing it.The sky is definitely your limit.keep up the good work.

  3. Really nice I love the black and the pink lady on the white top wink*. I Think i have to get one for myself with my blog name on it. I'm jealoussss dnt mind me just kidding. You doing a great great job dear. God bless your hustle.

  4. nice tees babe.keep up the good work.

  5. Daks only you will wear a tee towork and glam it up! Love it!

  6. Sooo cute! Love d 2nd tee.
    Love the whole branding idea. Jisike! :D

  7. wow love it!! Such a great idea.

  8. I want a shirttttttttttttt!!!

  9. totally random, but i really love your hairstyle, any deets on it? hairtype etc? thanx

  10. I want :) As a Third World profashional myself :D But not in Naij :( The pink silhouette tee. When will you start shipping out? :p

  11. How much are the tees? I love the black one and wouldn't mind owning one since I'm an avid reader of TWP.

    1. Hi Titi, the shirts are N5k including delivery. Email with your colour, size and design specification to order.

  12. Congratz for the idea!! I completely buy it! Visit Fashion Blog


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