Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Work Chic - The LBD & The statement Jacket

An oldie but a goodie.

I've had this post in my drafts for a few weeks not but completely forgot about it. This was when I still had my big hair, I really miss this hair, definitely have to get it done again.

Anyhoo this black dress is one of my favourites, if my colleagues only knew how many times I've rocked this dress with a different jacket, shirt, belt, brooch......the dress def has super re-rocking powers.

Zara boucle jacket, ASOS dress, Salvatore Feragammo 'Varina' flats, Bali bead & pearl necklace from The Pearl Shop

*sidebar* The lovely people at The Pearl Shop just named a piece of jewelry after me. Get into the 'Daks' freshwater pearl & black onyx necklace...

I am beyond honoured, this is so awesome, thanks guys!

Lurking in the stairwell like a movie villain....

Love and light xx


  1. Adaku! Please have mercy on us na!! Spare us all these too much hotness. Biko!

  2. Awwwww beautiful! Love your blazer!

  3. Love the hair. Gorgeous as always.

  4. You look awesome. Love your shoes.

  5. I know that building! It's where Arup is. I interned there last summer. Is that your office building?

  6. you look nice . but quick question what type of hair d you have on ? I"d like to do the same style

  7. love your hair. Gorg!!

  8. hey daks, this color lipstick definitely suits you. more neutral/pink hues go better with you than the deep/dark red (IMO :-)... great blog, by the way!!

  9. Way to go on the Pearl named after you.. I can relate to re-rocking under the guise if different blazers..



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