Thursday, September 19, 2013

AD By Agbani Darego Press Day

So I was invited to the Press Day for former Miss World, Agbani Darego's new clothing line AD By Agbani Darego.

I had seen the ads a few months earlier and they looked really good but as much as I love Nigerian fashion I've learned through bitter experience to not keep my expectations high so I pegged her line as a wait and see.

On the day I had actually planned not to go, as the launch was going to take place in the afternoon which my life of indentured servitude could not align itself with. Last minute I decided to just pop down real quick during my lunch break to see what all the hype was about.

Before that my lovely friend Queeneth and I went to the rooftop of our office building where she helped me with an impromptu photoshoot.

Zara pantsuit; Woolworths shirt; LV Alma bag; ASOS ankle strap pumps; Fendi clasp bracelet; Gucci watch.

Before I get into the festivities let me lead by saying that Agbani is beautiful....

Like seriously beautiful

Like "born on a Sunday" type of beautiful. I mean I'm even born on a Sunday but I can give up the day of my birth for her, I can't even hate.

Fine girl na fine girl.

Now to her wares.

The blouse she's wearing above is also from her line but is not available at the moment.

Starting with the layout of the store I was impressed right off, it was very minimal, no clutter, everything displayed properly so you could take in the entire room at a single glance. I loved that it was not overly done, just the bare necessities, just right.

Agbani definitely gets top marks for decor.

At first I thought the line consisted of just jeans but she also had this really cute denim hobos. I'd rock it with pride, even plotting how I'll get one right now.

The jeans are made of very good stuff, strong fabric, neat stitching and the length is a dream.

*you would think things like good fabric and neat stitching are a given but several times with Nigerian designers I have become used to lumpy seams, threads hanging off, sub par material so when I see one that seems like time was taken out to see it done right I tend to get overexcited*

Seeing that Agbani is one of the flagbearers of the Nigerian Association of Tall Girls (NATG)

*the other is Oluchi, I have settled for treasurer*

I definitely expected to see some 34 to 38 inch trouser lengths and I was not disappointed.

Tall girls, I'd like to announce that I have found our Mecca, a place where we can go and just be our selves, long-legged and free.

Lol, yeah she has long jeans sha. Definite win.

They come in dark was, regular blue, distressed jeans, skinny jeans, high waist-super flare, boyfriend jeans etc.

She also has these really cute khaki safari dresses as seen below in her ad. They also comes in denim.

*Look at this beauty!*

Now the best part of the AD By Agbani Darego clothing line is its affordability. Not one item of clothing in that store was more than N20,000. The jeans themselves retail from N13,000 to N15,000.

I got the high waist super flared jeans in dark wash and they cost N15,500.

This really surprised me because I just assumed that because of who she is and the clientele she would naturally attract she would price herself out of the market as several of our local designers do but she kept it cute and we are grateful.

As a testament to Agbani's business savvy, my cousin went down to the store today to get a pair of jeans and they were all sold out. Bear in mind that the store just opened yesterday and pretty much everything was already gone by today.

Really....enough said.

The AD By Agbani Darego Showroom is located at 6b Fola Osibo street Lekki phase 1


  1. Omalicha nwa! Beautiful women!
    And you are her height too! (How tall are you if I may ask? Cause I may just be stealing that Treasurer position from you lol).
    Nice.. I'm particularly glad at the fact that they have long length jeans.. I better go get my ADs!

  2. Lovely feature you look smart and chic and I love your wit. Agbani is just beyond words she is so beautiful and classy. I love the safari dress it would look good on me, my sister belongs to the NATG will tell her about the jeans, she will be thrilled.

    1. Thanks so much girl!

      Tell her please, anything for my tall girls.

  3. You look gorgeous as usual. Please dash me some height naa help a sister out

  4. Reading your blog just makes me smile everytime.
    Maybe its the way u write, or the way u think, or maybe its ur looks ;). I don't know what it is but it makes TWP a delight to read.
    Welldone. Great feature.

    1. Oh wow!

      Thanks so much Torera. You have totally made my day with your kind words.

      Thank you xx

  5. Nothing as good as neatly sewn fits. Pls o I need a post for Udeona's wedding. You suppose bless ndi obodo oyibo with pics.

    1. Girl! You know I'm going to do a bumper post when its all over. Collate all the pics from all the different events. Lol @ bless ndi obodo oyibo.

  6. whoooop whoooop! i'm almost 6 feet tall and getting jeans that fit AND are the right length to wear with mid to high heels is such a pain!!! i shall definitely check that store out when i get to Lagos.

  7. Now the question is does she cater for the plus sized ladies like us??

    1. I'm actually not sure how high up the sizes go. My bad, I really should have checked that out. If you send me your email I can find out and get back to you xx

  8. Thank you for this post TWP,I am 5"10.I however hate to wear heels as I think it makes me appear thing is I like it when NATGs rock their can I get myself to pull it off while looking smart and sexy still?lol

    1. Yo! I used to be you, trust me everyone looks better in heels. I'm still not hte biggest fan but I try to wear heels more now and I'm 6ft so see, taller than you and still giving them at least 4 inches.

      Try and buy shoes with a hidden platform because they're tons more comfortable to wear seeing as you're not used to wearing heels. Also an ankle strap give sthe illusion of really slim ankles, I don't joke with my ankle straps.

      Try and stay away from thin, spindly stilettos, from experience you're just asking for a twisted ankle with those things.

      A stacked heel is always easier to walk in.

  9. Chai!
    Was set to go get me some long jeans and they are sold out already :-( well its in Lekki sha, so I will be back.

    Great post


    1. Ah mogbe! Well I'm sure they'll re-stock soon. seeing as they're this popular.

  10. 15k o boy that is luxury , I will buy three . My birthday , Val's and Christmas .

  11. Hey Adaku...i would also appreciate if you could let us know how high up in size her jeans go...i am plus sized as well * grinning*
    and you are a breathe of fresh air...i can almost read ur thots...u think and write and it you babes*kisses*

  12. Can't get my mind off the Denim hobo

  13. The store was designed by Inu Design.

  14. You are super tall!
    Being so short I tend to run away from tall girls. I had a really tall friend(Miss Nigeria) n we usually went alotta places 2geda. The nasty commments on the height diff wud hunt me forever! Loll!
    Nway, you look amazing as always.
    I loovee Agbani. I still think she's the most beautiful black lady ever!


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