Wednesday, February 5, 2014


.......not technically, but this pinafore dress totally took me back to  my days as a pinafore wearing QC junior girl.

The struggle to get into SS1 and start wearing tight pencil skirts was real, and completely random story, for some reason in the first few weeks of Senior School, some girls in my year had done something I cannot for the life of me remember and their punishment was to keep wearing their pinafores and not transition to skirts for like two weeks or so. At the time I remember 13yr old me thinking that was just the worst, most tragic punishment ever meted out to a human being (I definitely do not miss the everyday life and death problems I faced as a teenager) and I just knew if I were forced to keep wearing a pinafore like a junior girl when all my mates were in skirts I'd die, just die I tell you!

Cool story over.

Wore it to work a week ago and my partners in crime aka colleagues went to the rooftop with me for an impromptu photo-shoot.

ASOS pinstriped pinafore dress,  River Island shirt, ASOS shoes

....and no I wasn't mad about anything or trying to give them Blue Steel. Surly glare achieved below by a combination of wind and sun in my face.

My pod aka Glamour Girls. We actually assigned ourselves to a character. Q on the left is Gloria Anozie, I'm Eucharia Anunobi (she was a proper fox in that movie) and Yewande (who has an awesome blog "She Loves the Finer Things" on the right is Liz Benson.

Bring back vintage Nollywood!

Love and light xx



  1. You are soo beautiful.
    Lol@ vintage nollwood
    Yewizzy (love her blog) looks beautiful too and looks like Liz Benson.

  2. Love it! Blue steel and all

  3. You look stunning dear!

  4. I see Ya hun! Back with a Bang , you are serving fierce. Lol the secondary school tales were epic too funny.

  5. LOL! Glamour girls was our secret...what have you done??? *shock..horror* :)

  6. LOL! The struggle to wear skirt was not a joke in QC!But come to think of it, what was the big deal, didnt we all wear skirts at home?

  7. Chic therapy, simply wearing the pinafore was misery in itself - it meant being sent, picked upon, punished for no real reason, etc. Skirt brought about liberation..... now we know better.

    You look stunning Daks!

  8. You are beautiful Adaku! I remember those QC dayzzzz lool. Welcome back and please don't leave us again :( I really missed your posts.


  9. Welcome back! Looking forward to the many style posts. I saw the tv show pic on instagram. ;D

  10. you look fab

  11. Bia Adaku, so you have not found anything to blog about since Feb 5? I'm tired of refreshing this page in vain every day o.


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