Sunday, August 17, 2014

Work Chic: Shades of Blue

Oldie but a goodie.....

So......random, I got an email once asking why I always have my natural hair in a side swoop bang thingy. This delightful person went on to ask if I was trying to hide my receding hairline as she's pretty sure I must have traction alopecia.


I had a bit of time on my hands that day and diligently searched Google images till I found a picture of a massive, bony, knuckly hand delicately giving someone the finger and I sent that back to her. The babe now replied all bewildered, like how could I be so rude, what did she say......

Nigerians will always and forever be a source of entertainment for me. People say the rudest things to you and then get surprised when you serve one right back at 'em. Its like slapping me and getting all hurt when I slap you back.

Anyhoo my hair is always like this when its due so I can cover the new unrelaxed growth at my hairline. In this post I'm about 10 weeks or so post relaxer.

Once I lay that creamy crack bun my nigga!

ASOS Scuba peplum top; ASOS Tall crepe pants; ASOS belt; Gucci bag; Salvatore Ferragamo 'Varina' pumps; Hermes 'Kelly' Double Tour bracelet

Love and light xx


  1. You should have told her yes, so that she'll sleep well at night , having cracked a code! People are so rude these days..mscheeew!

    1. Lol, I just find things like that really funny. Can't even muster up the energy to be mad, normally I'd have ignored but that day I was just like nahh bish, its on. Lol

  2. I am dead! I LOVE Nigerians and their unsolicited opinions. Awon "you've added" people.

    Looove the outfit btw, I'm an Engineer and I wear jeans from Monday to Friday, really wish I worked somewhere that gave me the opportunity to dress up.

    1. Constant source of delight this country, Nigerians can never fail you.

      You're lucky o, at least you're saving your clothes for when you actually need them. My wardrobe is just a blur these days, no distinction between work, regular, occasion clothes anymore. Its annoying.

  3. Haha! Don't mind them! Last week, I went out for dinner with my friends, and two of them had just met each other properly that night (although they had been seeing each other randomly around town). So we all start gisting and one of them pauses the conversation to highlight the fact that the other must be tired, as the other has quite heavy bags underneath their eyes. I just didn't understand the sudden familiarity, so I called the fellow out on the fact that that was quite rude. The individual decided to slightly vex for me as a result. Nigerians, hiss!!!

  4. Lool! !! This just made my monday night! Nigerians and their need to comment. ..

  5. Eh heh! If you now had alopecia nko?
    She is very silly & insensitive. What is her business with your hairline anyway?
    Is she insuring it or what? loooool
    Abeg, do you boo x


  6. Dakssss! Just when I had given up on coming here seeing as there was a drought of posts, I met a tripple dose!!! Yayyyy! Milzed you Daks nwannem.... Don't be a stranger. Fabulous pictures as usual....

  7. Lol! Nigerians are too funny with their unsolicited crap comments hiss! Anyway, yay for new posts!


  8. How is that her business? Can she cure alopecia? If not then she should keep her opinion. I know the feeling as every time I visit Nigeria someone is always telling me I fat. My dear I was fat the last time I came and the time before. How is that your business *shrugs* I will never understand


    I just kent.

  10. I had only been married a few months when my learned friend asked me "why you never carry belle",I laughed and asked her "why you never marry"..rightfully said I insulted her.Dont come for me if I didn't send for you. Meanwhile,I love ya top jare

  11. proper trolling! your response was hilarious..... certain people these days think that they say/write anything they want...kmt

    your outfit is on point; loving the scuba top x

  12. Congratulations, on your interview in The Nation Newspaper and blogging success Adaku. You're beautiful from head to toe. I like your makeup, fashion, and charming personality. That girl trying to say something about your hairdo remind me of this quote: "Haters are like crickets. Crickets make a lot of noise, you hear it but you can't see them. Then right when you walk by them, they're quiet."


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