Wednesday, February 18, 2015

L'Espace x Blogger 2015 Limited Edition Calendar

So this is a project I've been really excited about......

The fabulous and amazingly forward thinking L'espace By LPM Team put together a calendar for 2015, featuring 12 fashion and beauty bloggers across the continent.....and had I not been included I will probably have been apprehended while skulking around Olosa street with some kind of explosive device.

By far my favorite aspect of this calendar was that the pictures of the bloggers were going to be illustrations. I've always wanted an illustration of myself and here come the lovely people from L'espace pretty much giving me one for Christmas. I mean I stalk Hayden Williams Instagram page so much he must see my handle in his dreams. 

Of course I had to go with the best month......

So below, on the left is the original picture the illustration was based on and its from my friend Yewande's 50s themed wedding back in September. I especially love the boob job I was given :)

By now you must be wilding out wondering how to get this calendar (and rightly so), easy peasy...they are available in store at L'espace - 19a Olosa street, Victoria Island, Lagos, or online at The desk version costs N3,000, while the wall version costs N5,000.

Now the kicker is you not only get an aesthetically pleasing calendar to look at for the next 11 months, you can also fill your goody two shoes quota, because 30% of proceeds from all sales of the calendar will go to the YESA Fund.

Got mine and its already assumed pride of place on my coffee table.

Get yours HERE

Love and light xx


  1. I love what they did with your hair color. In my mind, it projects a future elderly but still oh-so-elegant Adaku.

    And welcome back. This cold turkey treatment you gave us though...

    1. I knooowww, I feel like Miranda Priestly with the hair.


  2. Oh so cute. Now I want to be animated too :-)

  3. See how elegant Daks looks!


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