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Hair Review - Anne Elise Real Hair

I'm about to give you the goods on some seriously fabulous hair, you've probably already heard about Anne Elise Real Hair, but if you haven't here's the scoop.

I'd heard about Anne Elise Real Hair before but I'd never seen it in person, prior to the owner reaching out to me, I'd only ever seen pictures of it online. A few weeks ago however I walked into QM Nail Lounge to get my nails done and saw this person with superstar hair walking ahead of me. I was just saying to myself "wow, that is amazing hair" when the girl turned out to be none other than Anne of Anne Elise hair. We had only ever communicated via email so I had no idea what she looked like. After seeing her hair in person, I was more excited than ever to review it

Anne Elise Real Hair is made up of raw human hair origin blends which are  selected, blended into raw hair ponytails and then wefted, eventually producing one bundle.

First off, I LOVED the packaging (the bag has turned into my main salon bag btw)

It also came with a lovely paddle brush and bendy rollers which was honestly very timely as my previous brush was on its last legs. The hair also came in a satin bag.


The particular hair I received is composed of Cambodian hair (for its resilience, it's loose wavy pattern and it holds styles well) and also with hair from the Russian Federation known as Russian Fede hair (this is very very soft textured hair but too soft to use straight in black hair in my opinion but lovely to touch) hence the combination.
This allows for a human hair blend that is easily styled whether it is curled, set or straightened but also blends well with black hair. 

This is what it looked like right after it was installed.

Here, the hair is in its most natural state, I didn't wash, blow dry or curl it. I just installed it as I received it. I wouldn't recommend it though, I usually co-wash human hair once I buy it before I install for the first time. This time though, I was in a hurry to catch a flight and didn't have time to wash it, but it still turned out beautifully, I LOVE the curls in their natural state.


My favorite thing about this hair is that it requires minimal attention. For the first week I had it on I didn't brush it once (again, not advisable but I wanted to see how it tangled). I was absolutely gobsmacked that de-tangling with my fingers was all it took, I kid you not. I installed it on a Friday and till the next Friday I didn't run a brush through it once and it barely tangled at all. I used my fingers to de-tangle every night, spritzed on a bit of water in the morning and let it air dry and it was as good as new every day.

Top marks for that, there's absolutely nothing more irritating than hair bunching up at the back and practically turning to dreadlocks if you don't brush it every few hours.

With this hair, I promise you zero tangles.

The hair is also quite soft but not silky, it has a very dense quality that I loved, meaning it's heavy enough to hold styles. I love my long, full hair (hello Beyonce) so here I actually have five bundles installed from 20" to 26" to get the fuller quality as long hair can be quite thin.

I'm telling you I walked through that airport on 10, hair was swanging, part was laid, I didn't need to speak to anyone just swung my hair from left to right to communicate. I felt fabulous!

Hair Care Advice

Anne herself recommends trimming of the ends of this hair once it is installed/fixed but this is due to individual preference ( I didn't trim mine though, as she said....individual preference)

Minimal products on the hair works well. Minimal use of serum or other hair oils. Since minimal products go on the hair to maintain it, this means you don't need to wash it as often. I would suggest 2 to 3 weeks. 

This hair can be straightened or set, but I recommend a blow dry, as it gives it a very lovely bounce and great movement. 


It is quite affordable and ranges from N18,000 to N30,000 per bundle, depending on the length. Lengths available are from 8" to 28" (for all my fellow mami-waters)

Contact Information
Instagram: @anneeliserealhair 
Twitter:     @anneelisehair 

Now since I can't see a good thing without hooking my Profashionals up, Anne Elise Real Hair is offering a 20% discount until the end of April to all TWP readers. To get this discount, email with subject TWP Reader for further information on obtaining the discount and delivery prices. 

They deliver to anywhere in Nigeria. 

Its April, weddings and Easter holidays are coming up, if you want to be Beyonce for a day please don't even dull, get your Anne Elise Real Hair on.

*who's that guuurrrrl, na na na na na na na*

Love and light xx


  1. LOL! You just had to swing to communicate! You go gurl! You look good with the weave.
    Btw don't forget to care for your own hair beneath the weave...whispers* our hair growth journey:)

  2. Whoosh!!! Do they ship internationally?

  3. Thank you TWP! Your Beyonce was definitely channelled lol. @AliceDCL Yes we do. Please either send us a message through our site or email Love & Light xoxo

  4. Hmmm u totally sold me. emailing them now. i sure hope they deliver as you promised.

  5. Lovely hair. I do hope it doesn't disappoint .

  6. how many bundle/pack is a full head. Is a pack three bundle of hair which will be enough for a full head or its one. Will one bundle/pack be enough for a full head or it 3bundles of hair? i'm confuse

    1. Hi,
      On average about 3 bundles is enough for a full head. It is sold in single bundles so you can choose the lengths you want.
      Hope that clears up any confusion.


  7. Oh for the days when Adaku used to post regularly.

  8. Hi!
    Pls do you (or does any one out there) know where I can get straw curls done in Lagos(mainland)? I'm scared to walk into even the best salons around, as there's a technique to it, especially if it's to last for up to a month. I wouldn't want to waste time, money and suffer pain in my behind from seating for so long and not getting it right.
    Pls help


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