Monday, March 23, 2015

Catch-Up 22/03/15

I have been very busy hunny *in Nene Leakes voice*, have hardly had a minute to myself.

This past week I......

Shot a Spice TV episode of their hit show 'Digital Diaries' recently. Digital Diaries is a show where the Spice TV cameras come into the life of a blogger/fashion personality, film the person in their workspace, going about blogging related activities and an interview.

Contrary to my somewhat extroverted personality on here, I am very shy and super awkward and I literally had anxiety the whole week leading up to when I had to shoot my episode. Luckily the crew and the interviewer; Pepper Okwesa were really great at making me comfortable talking to a camera. I honestly don't know how celebrities do it, I was a strung out mess by the time I was done, had to go to Sweet Kiwi to get a fro-yo to calm myself down.

Digital Diaries airs every Monday at 8pm WAT/9pm CAT on Spice TV Channel 192. Will give you guys a heads up when I know when my episode is airing, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Attended an Inglot Nigeria event for the launch of their new AMC Cream Foundation which is specially formulated for the Nigerian woman.

It is beyond awesome how many international brands are launching in Nigeria, I'd never have believed it was possible before. I'm really glad the global market is beginning to recognize how much Nigerians contribute to the retail space and are bringing the goods to us rather than waiting for us to come to the US or UK.

It took place at the Inglot Store, at the Palms Mall Lekki and as I was still filming for Digital Diaries, the Spice TV crew went with me to the event and filmed me "attending". Chiiile I walked in there like I was filming The Real Housewives of Atlanta *can't tell me nuthin*

Took a super short trip

Attended a polo tournament which honestly isn't that significant but I was feeling myself and since I didn't take enough pictures to turn it into an actual blogpost it made it into my Catch-Up instead

Put this ridiculously sexist message on blast.

This message board is on view at the Domestic Airport in Lagos. Now I've passed by it hundreds of times and its always irked me but last week I actually stood still and read it properly and by the time I was done I was FUMING.

Just negodu...... "the MAN who flies it". 

They really put "man" in capital letters you know. 

Now someone suggested on my Instagram page (@LoveTWP) that they probably meant "man" in the context of a collective term for "human". I call BS because they were clearly astute enough to use "PEOPLE" when describing the ground staff so they definitely meant pilot as a male person.

Whoever works in Communications for MMA2 and Bi-Courtney really needs to examine their life choices because I'm sure they are men who have daughters and women working there as well and this discriminatory message was reviewed, edited, approved, blown up to 20 feet letters and placed in a conspicuous part of a very busy airport where thousands of people pass by everyday. People who will read and absorb its sexist message unconsciously.

Do better Nigeria, do better.

Sat in my super mum's office while she conducted an interview and tried to look busy

Attended the launch of Elizabeth Arden in Nigeria, another boon to the supernova that is becoming the Nigerian beauty market. Hoestly between the indigenous beauty brands and international ones I no longer have to buy my makeup in bulk like I do normally. 

Now waiting on Estee Lauder to launch because their pressed powder and foundation are amazing.

With my blogger buddies Yewande of She Loves The Finer Things, Stella of Stella's Addiction and Ezinne of Beauty In Lagos.

Love and light xx


  1. Obsessed with makeup and I am really glad they are all coming to Naija!!! I hope you enjoyed your trip :)

    1. It is such a blessing for real, thank God for progress. I did, thanks!

  2. Is that the AnneElise FC unit you're rocking? Chile, that hair is the truth!

    1. It is!!! Its probably the best hair I've ever used. Amazing!

  3. I really love the green dress you wore to the Inglot launch.
    Can't wait to watch your episode... :)


    1. Thanks Chichi! I'm going to be watching with stress balls in my hand and a side of anti-anxiety pills though, lol

  4. The message board in question also has EVERYTHING in caps! I doubt the aim was to undermine the existence of female pilots or women in general. Shy and akward definitely don't associate with the little i know of you. Nice article though.

    1. I won't say undermine specifically, I don't honesty think they set out to shut out women...but the fact that it didn't occur to them that they were removing an entire demographic of female pilots with that message is very worrying.

      I do a very good job of pretending to be not the case.

  5. i love this post and i love your Red Skirt!!!! Where is it from? There's something so Sex and The City-ish about ur life! Please keep living it as fabulously as u do!!

    1. Thank you! Its from ASOS, scuba something something skirt, don't remember the exact product title.

      Hahaha, totally going for the SATC lifestyle, yay to you noticing

  6. Love the hair! Going to look for your previous reviews on hair again.

    Lol @ MAN! I didn't see it as sexist. MAN is used generally as a unisex term worldwide & denotes both male & female... breathe easy lol

  7. love ur style, ive been reading your blog for awhile and I like the way you think (the way u analyze stuff) and also good style. love the black and white tees with the tiger head...pls where did you get them from
    (my kind of thin)

  8. Hiya. Well done! Will love to know where you got your clothes racks? Thank you.


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