Friday, May 22, 2015

Gbémisókè Shoes by Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi

Can we all do a collective wave for my girl Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi........

She's here saving lives and taking names. If your shoe size is below a UK8/US10, you won't understand the joy with which I'm typing this post.

I wear a UK9/US11 and its an absolute nightmare finding shoes that fit and look good at the same damn time. Its so bad that my brain has convinced itself that Daks is not a 'shoe person'.....disdain what you cannot attain and all that. I love shoes but because its such a hassle finding nice ones I declare loftily that I'm not really into shoes. 

All lies.

Anyhoo Gbemi has introduced a shoe line for us ladies with feet of a *ahem* larger yah, get into the gloriousness.

Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi has become the first on-air personality in Nigeria to float a shoe line for ladies with big feet. The host of Beat FM’s Drive Time Show who made the announcement on her Facebook page, says the eponymous line came about because she couldn’t find perfect pair of shoes for years. 

Gbémisókè is a women’s shoe line consisting of flats, pumps, and mules for women who wear size 42 and up. ‘It’s quite tough for women like me who wear UK size 9 and up, to find nice shoes. Most stores don’t carry such big sizes, and when they do, they sell out quickly. 

After complaining for years, I decided to create a line to make life easier for women like me who have bigger feet.’ ‘I meet women every time who have the same challenges, and I was surprised to realize no one was really doing anything about it.’ 

Many times I would end up buying shoes that were a size smaller all because I liked them and they didn’t have my size. I would stuff my feet in the shoes and endure pain. At least the shoes were pretty. When I did find shoes in my size, I would buy them in every color I could find! The hassle of finding cute shoes when you wear a U.S11 in shoes!’ 

She met manufacturers in China, England and America and the result is Gbémisókè, an eponymous line which has launched on Jumia and Konga. 

In a Facebook post early today, Gbemi who is a princess from Owo kingdom in Ondo State, says her brand name means ‘Lift me up’ in her native Yoruba language. ‘When a woman has good shoes on, a nice and comfortable pair, she’s confident, sure of herself. She is on top of the world.’ 

‘I’ve been asked why the shoes are so affordable. But truly, I didn’t want to make a luxury line. There are many brands doing that already. I know a lot of Nigerians who cannot afford luxury items. 
So I wanted something that solves the big feet problem, something very fashionable, and something very affordable. I’m happy we’re able to achieve all three with Gbémisókè.’ ... 

The shoes are available on Jumia and Konga (just search for Gbemisoke) and you fill find them at 

I didn’t want to have a ‘luxury line’ because let’s be honest, only a small fraction of Nigerians can afford it. I wanted something affordable! Times are hard! Thanks for reading my epistle and please support my hustle.... 


and not just because she's one of the few OAPs I can listen to who doesn't make my ears bleed :)

Love and light xx



  1. this is so nice, they look so comfortable

  2. Very nice, I am really loving this entrepreneurial spirit in this generation of twenty and thirty-something year olds.

    SMEs are the way forward.

  3. As a fellow US Size 11/UK 9 girl, I can sooooooooo relate to this. So happy she came up with this!!!


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