Thursday, April 30, 2015


Gave my girl Esosa Stores a mandate and she came through as usual...

She made this dress in about 3 days, and the awesome thing with Esosa is we've been working together for so long, I never actually have to get measurements taken. We literally discuss a style over Whatsapp and I go pick up the dress when its ready, most of the time, on the day of the event.

I keep thinking bad luck will catch up with me one day and I'll miss an event because of my tardiness, but so far so yay.

I was running super late that day and didn't have time to take proper pictures so I roped in my gateman to play pap for the day. Hence the.....slightly uncomfortable stance. 

I felt so weird mean mugging for him.

Same neckpiece worn in this post HERE. This neckpiece is from H&M and cost just $35, but its proven its worth over and over again. 

Anything I wear it with goes from badder to baddest.

Esosa Stores - 07084192609  *tell her I sent you

Love and light xx


  1. *sigh* wish I was back in Naij
    This dress is stunning


  2. beautiful!the necklace definitely did something to the look.

  3. Gorge as usual! I actually didn't notice the fringe when you posted this look on Instagram and YES for pieces that take outfits up a few notches.

  4. Hi Adaku, what du do to your skin. It glows!!!
    Biko, share the secret

  5. Dakss!!!
    That neckpiece is everything!!

  6. That dress is everything...the color and style is fab and the necklace made it really unique.

  7. You are awesome and the necklace is so perfect!!

  8. Love love love.
    Had to look closely before seeing the fringe part and the sequin detail for the tube.
    You look gorgeous and big ups to your designer!


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