Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catch-Up 16/06/15

I've been spending a lot of time working on several projects (both blog and work related), so my schedule has been mental and I was really looking forward to a few quiet nights in watching Jane the Virgin (which is a stupendous show btw. I thought it'd be an Ugly Betty doppelgänger but its such a lovely, funny show and Jane's father is my current favorite person), when my friend Amaka (www.makyscorner.com) came into town and pretty much blitzed all my couch potato plans.

From having an empty-ish social calendar, last week was suddenly chock-a-block with all sorts and I gamely participated up until Saturday when my granny immune system kicked in and I fell ill, just for a few hours though, shout-out to Medplus Pharmacy for running an awesome 24 hour practice and being on hand at 1am to pump me full of drugs.

Attended the opening of a fantastic new spot in Lekki, BLD by PLAY. BLD stands for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they have pretty much the cheapest buffet in Lagos, N2,500 for all you can eat. (see more about BLD HERE)

Unbelievable....yah. BLD is on Admiralty Way Lekki, right by KFC.

It was my darling friend MJ's birthday as well and we had dinner at Crust & Cream, which was so nice. I'd read a scathing review of it on Eat Drink Lagos and I trust the writers with my life so I never bothered going. But that day MJ's brother had organized a lovely little dinner for her there, free dins was in place so I was like why the hell not. Decor was pretty poor as I'd already read, but the food was GOOD, my vegetables were cooked just right, and the seasoning was peak. Service was just regular, food took a bit of time but when it came it was worth the wait.

A few glasses of wine in and we were MERRY

On Friday, attended Amaka's mother-in-laws 70th birthday

On Saturday I attended the Luxury Beauty Brunch organized by World Media PR at Rhapsody's in VI.

It was a lovely event, started an hour and a half late but I've learned that Nigerian time is inevitable, now I just need to teach my Hulk tendencies to calm down and accept it.

Hung out with my girl Samie of Style Vitae

After it we went to the opening of the Hans & Rene Gelateria at the Radisson Blu hotel

It has the trippiest powder room ever, total down the rabbit hole experience. All it needed was a bottle in the corner labelled "drink me"

Same trippy effect in the bathroom, had to take a hallucinogenic mirror selfie with Samie and my sister

Had another event Sunday evening but by the time I'd gone to Evening Mass and made dinner, I was tuckered out. My mum came over to visit and we spent the night gossiping about the Kardashians (my mum wants to be Kris btw)

and one of my bezzies Adanna got married last weekend!

Love and light xx



  1. Wow, that was certainly a lot of activity!!! Looking good every time btw.

    LOL @ EatDrinkLagos. I enjoy their reviews and generally trust them, but after they blasted Bangkok food, I'm like "Let me experience it for myself."

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Dude! I'm still exhausted.

      That's the thing though, reviews are only always personal, I like people to understand that. You may have an entirely different experience at a place or with a product. I hardly put too much faith in reviews.

    2. Loooool well tbh Nosa liked Bangkok but I didn't like it. He's been trying to convince me to go back ever since.

      And yeah Crust & Cream wasn't amazing that first time we went. But we've actually been back twice and all three reviews are on the blog and it's been better after that first time.

  2. Ahhh! Ho I love your updates Daks. Please kontinu slaying o. The maxi dress is fire!
    I cant wait to get back to Naija to check out BLD. Sounds like fun.

    1. BLD is awesome!

      Please let me know when you get in, we have to hang out!

  3. Hi.

    I love the first dress and wide belt, where did you get it from?

    1. Thanks! The dress is by a Nigerian designer 'Esosa', you can check her out on Instagram (@EsosaStores), and the belt s from ASOS.

  4. Yes Jane the Virgin is the best and her father Rojilio is my pesinal pesin! Love him. I'm behind I have to catch up as well

    1. I love her father so much, I wish I knew someone like that in real life

  5. I love these catch-up posts
    Yellow! Need more items in yellow this summer

    BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com

    1. Thanks! I just started loving yellow, never cared for it before but its such a great colour.

  6. Hot Mama! Yellow looks really lovely on you. I'm trying to start wearing bright colours too.

    Activities of Life!! :)

  7. Kai!!! Daks so many emotions. ...
    First off all, Jane the virgin is what's getting me through today. The show is hilarious.
    I lost my mum two Fridays ago and it's my birthday today. No words to describe the roller coaster of emotions I feel.

    You look great as usual!


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