Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Loving: Maju

So Maju has always been like that cool underground indie label, that has a cult following but isn't really mainstream, but in the past few months, they blew up like crazy.

I've bought two Maju pieces before HERE and HERE, and I recently added majorly to my Maju collection. My friend Zina of Style Vitae recently started working with the brand and sang their praises so much I found myself on their site one fateful night at dears, it was like going down the rabbit-hole, I emerged in Wonderland, poorer and much better dressed.

There are so many amazing things about the collection, the quality, the originality, the affordability and the above par customer service......I wouldn't even know where to begin. 

I rocked a few of my buys last weekend;

The Fiola blouse (with my friend Uju Offiah of Meena at the Iamisigo showroom soft launch)

The Alma jacket and Juliette pants to the Kaymu Fashion Event and Beauty in Lagos Beauty Party

These were just the tip of the iceberg and to give you an example of how affordable these clothes are, the three in the above pictures are collectively less than N20,000....for three separate outfits.

Maju is on sale now and I strongly advise you to get over there while the pickings are still rich.

Shop Maju on

See what I did there...

Love and Light xx


  1. Don't tempt me. I'm on a self-imposed shopping BAN right now.

    Berry Dakara

  2. I Like, I am going to hunt one of maju's new pieces down soon.

  3. You looked fab on Sunday saw you at the beauty party but was too shy to say hi.

    1. Oh no! Please say hi next time, I swear I'm totally to scary xx

  4. I swear I've been eyeing their pieces on IG too. Very fabulous line


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