Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Daks' Workout Plan

Dare I say it....I finally joined the FitFam bandwagon.

This is huge because I never thought the day would come. I gleefully ate whatever I wanted without counting calories, so lazy I'd take the elevator to the 1st floor. I had a fat babe living inside of my size 8 body and this year she finally started to push her way through and I PANICKED.

Seemingly overnight, when I used to be able to eat eba at 9pm and be rocking a crop top at 11pm, I now had to give myself a few hours to lose a food belly, my clothes started getting...tight (this isn't normal for me, it used to take me years to outgrow clothes), my arms were looking heavy. Basically things were falling apart alarmingly. I took a good, hard look at my newly rounder body and decided enough was enough, laziness be damned, I was going to get my life back.

Now, I've never dieted in my life, never ever had to watch what I ate and I probably worked out once a year, and by working out I mean stumbling into a yoga class by mistake and stumbling out when I got tired of contorting. 

I was LAZY AF.

So I had no idea where to even begin, luckily I'm a very determined person and decades of active indolence could not stand up against a potentially shapeless body and with the help of my bff I joined a gym and got down to business. 


Initially I did a lot of cardio; running, dance and aerobic classes, one hour on the treadmill etc and the result was drastic, I lost 10kg in two months and my hips went from 42 inches to 40 (which was a disaster btw).

My trainer and I worked out that I really couldn't afford to lose any more weight as I honestly didn't have a lot to begin with so I reduced cardio to 10-15 minutes on the elliptical everyday and one day a week dance classes, instead of everyday, and stuck to weight training and targeted exercises.

Its  a lot of abs, arms and squat exercises, don't know any of the fancy names but I do a lot of repetitive workouts, some people say it gets boring and they need to switch it up, but it works for me.

I workout 4 days a week and show a bit of it on snapchat, so follow me ---> LoveTWP


Portion Control

I used to eat gargantuan sized meals, which made no sense because after eating them, I'd be in pain from stomach cramps. Once the cramps cleared, I'd be right back at my giant plates. Reducing my portions helped a lot, I realized that I actually didn't need that much food in the first place. Because the stomach takes a while to communicate to the brain that its full, normally I'd eat way past my capability before I knew I was full and I'm a fast eater (thanks to boarding house), so I was literally outrunning brain waves while eating. I slashed my portions in half and ate way slower to give my brain time to catch up.

No to 'Drinks'

I completely cut out, fizzy drinks, even juices and I only exclusively drink water. It hurt me a lot, to give out my unopened cartons of Maltina but something had to give. Funny enough I really don't miss drinking soda's and stuff. Like I thought I'd be gagging for a Maltina by Day 2, but I honestly don't even think about it. I drink water with everything now, haven't yet got to the 8 glasses level because mans can't live in the bathroom you know. My life can't be reduced to bathroom breaks, but I'm definitely drinking way more water than I used to.

Reduced Carbs

I couldn't cut out carbs completely, so I just reduced my intake. The big sacrifice was rice and plantain, because those are pretty much staples, I couldn't cut them out completely so I just reduced them and when I'm having either I try to load up on vegetables to balance it out. I cut out eba completely though, like I haven't had eba since April. Strictly soup now, again...something I thought I'd miss, but its been much easier than I expected.


Again, another thing I thought I couldn't live without, my daily fried food. Since I dumped the oil and started grilling exclusively its been smooth sailing. Grilled meats, plantain, potatoes etc...taste as good as fried ones. It really isn't that serious, I can't believe how much time I wasted being unhealthy.

No More Late Night Eating

I used to be the girl who'd get home after a night out and eat a heavy meal, like I ate at all hours without caring. Now however, I started with no eating after 7pm but that was a bit much and I ended up eating crap around 11pm because I was hungry, so I stretched it to 'no eating after 9pm'. Except for when I was on holiday, I've stuck to it for almost 5 months now.

No Bread!

and I say this with the heaviest of hearts. I LOVE bread, but I had to stop. I tried wheat bread as a substitute but it was foul so I've just gone cold turkey. I eat bread maybe once a month now. Superwoman and shit....

Snacking Differently

I've never really being a snacker, funny enough for such a previously unhealthy person I'm not big on chocolates or biscuits and stuff. I prefer proper food. Which meant that whenever I felt peckish I'd eat a meal instead of a snack, which of course is always a bad idea. Now I stock up on fruits, mixed nuts and yoghurt and whenever I get the pangs between meals, I have some of them and load up on the water and I'm right as rain.


These measures might seem a bit drastic but that's because I was a very unhealthy person, I couldn't walk 5 steps without panting, I never climbed the stairs, I ate dangerously. I could do all this because it seems my body is an incinerator and everything I put in it just burned away mysteriously and it never showed on the outside. So I could get away with a lot of the risks I took. But I had to make a lifestyle change and I had to do it fast and it was pretty easy to do to be honest. If someone told me 5 months ago that I'd be able to do half of what I'm doing now I'd have laughed. 

I look at myself in the gym after going hard for 2 hours and I'm just like "Daks is this you fam?', like seriously?

The hardest part is starting, once you begin it gets easier and easier until it becomes a part of your routine and you don't even notice it anymore.

I honestly can't go more than two days without working out before I start to get antsy, its amazing! 

See yeah if I can do it, anyone I can. I kid you not and you ask anyone that knows me that I was the laziest, most undisciplined person on the planet.

Look at me now!

Love and light xx

photo credit: rosannadavidsonexercise.com, www.reddit.com, www.womenshealthmag.com, www.tesathome.com, 


  1. Go go Daks!

    Sometime 2013, I lost about 9kg after receiving a smilar wake up call to the one you experience.

    Fast forward to 2015, post husband and one bambino, I am in a worse position than I was in 2013. For the life of me I cannot bring myself to work on the weight loss seriously. Wanna have another baby and then go ham and lose everything I need to lose and return to my 2013 weight or less even by my 30th birthday. I cannot struggle this twice mehn.

    So help me God!

    1. Dying at one bambino. Man I'm dreading the effect kids will have on my body...but someone's gotta do it.

      Go girl! I'm rooting for you.

  2. Great going Adaku!

    My 'fitness' is usually tied to my mental state. if i'm happy, i eat right, exercise, etc. If i'm going through my phases, then it's zero fitness/health. A real struggle.

    I legit used to be one of the healthiest, fitness nuts you'll find around, but these days? zzzzz...

    Praying i can get back on it.

    LOVE the blog's new look. I like.

    1. Funny enough that should be me, because when times are...dark, I can barely function. But since I've been working out I've stuck at it no matter the mood. I'm really proud of myself.

      Get back on it pleeaasee!

      You noticed, yay! Thank you x

  3. Oh my gosh daks this is so useful!! I started earlier in June while I was unemployed and was really into it for about a month. Fast forward one month, when I got a job. Work stress and working out just couldn't gel so I fell off. Hopefully I can rejoin fit fam :(

    1. Never knew the day would come when anything I said food or health wise would be useful...sigh

      Q and Wiz, you see!!

  4. Good luck! For me, the spirit is always winning but the flesh is weak and the scale keeps heading upwards never downwards... :)

  5. hehe anon!!i get you.i always used to try the fitfam thing till first baby,lost the weight,had surgery gained so much weight and now baby 2.Once this bun is baked and out i'm full time fitfam God knows..

  6. I write this with a sobbing face...
    I used to be like you in this respect - eat all I want when I want (very late night meals plus shortbread with Malta guineas), yet I'd be a size 6. With very flat abs.
    2015 has had me noticing obvious weight gain- now a proper size 8, so I've outgrown some clothes (1 painful experience is shopping for work pants without testing them, I didn't even wear them for up to 5weeks later, as per the chic with constant size and blimey! They are all so tight and about squashing my butts, so money wasted!). I enjoyed it at first because my hips and bust increased but then this happened ...
    No firm abs ! which graduated to no flat tummy; I'm the only one who notices this since I tend to such in my tummy most times. That tummy ish is what I hate! Though my weight has been constant but I love lat abs!

    So last month I said to myself "gurl this can't go on!"
    More water; no meals after 8pm, I still cheat though but crackers only; less carbs, various abs exercises daily, and a few other target exercises at home, aiming to keep fit and toned. My effort is so little compared with yours.

    So far so good! The belly is getting flatter, not yet there though. I've lost 2.5 inches around my waist line, 1 inch bust/hips respectively! Which is great!
    #phew! #

    1. Progress is progress, whatever the scale. That's one thing I noticed de-motivates people lots of times/...comparing their fitness progress with others. I lost weight and toned really fast, compared to people who'd been working out for years. Not because I worked harder but for some inexplicable reason. So just go at your own pace and keep at it!

  7. Great lifestyle change. I bet you feel more energised now. If not for anything I would work out for the great burst of energy you get from it and the clear skin too. We'll done and nice write up

    1. I feel sooo much better. Skin is A1 and I'm definitely more energized. Its the best thing I've done this year.

  8. I don't believe this!!! Wow I need to change my ways then!! Fab as usual..
    But I love bread oh!!! Ha!!!

  9. Oh by the way! Loving the new blog layout :)

  10. This is so detailed and informative am so happy I read this today. Thanks it's one beautiful piece

    1. Never thought the day would come, me..advising people on fitness. Lol

      Thank you :)

  11. There's beauty in your honesty. Makes people that more attracted to you. A lot of people wouldn't share in a bid to look like they are perfect without any effort or to "be ahead of the pack"
    Maltina will sue you, lol :P
    You should try airfrying. I don't know where my dad heard about it, but he's totally into health, grilled meals and all, so he recently got an airfryer. I actually prefer the taste of airfryed dodo to oil fryed ones.
    I'm a size 8 and nobody needs to tell me I'm a fat girl inside. I turned 26 and I can't successfully suck belle again and fool people that I have 6 packs underneath my dress. I still eat anything and at anytime, but I want to enjoy it now, lol. Cz I intend to go hard when I turn 27 by July 2016 or when I have a boyfriend that asks me to be his wife, whichever comes first. Or maybe the new year
    Love your blog's new layout

    1. Hey Fre, I think you just comment on 3 different posts today, I noticed a similarity...maybe I'm wrong aha, but yay!

      Thanks so much, no need to hog all the information to yourself, other peoples progress won't impede yours.

      I've been meaning to try that out o, but since I started grilling I thought it wasn't necessary but I'm interested in seeing how it works.

      Go hard regardless girl, no need to wait to get older or wait for a man before you decide to better yourself. Start now!


  12. Go Daks! I'm proud of you, can you please share your actual workout routine? my currrent routine is really reducing my weight drastically and I can't afford to lose more weight.

  13. I have read it. I want to loose weight but I still don't have the heart to exercise. I'm lazy Af. I don't eat so much but I add so much. I used to be a comfortable size 8 going on 12 😢

  14. You look great Daks!! Thanks for the tips and motivation!!

  15. Too lazy to work out but I watch my carbs especially as I love candy..



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