Friday, May 6, 2016

DIY Denim

ASOS Denim Shirt
ASOS sheer maxi skirt
Location: Sofitel Sipopo Golf Hotel
Photographer: @FernLorena

I went to Sipopo Island over the wekeend, read more about it on Daks In The City HERE and while I was there, decided to do a little impromptu shoot with my friend Fernanda (@FernLorena), who's Nigerian/Brazilian but the Naija in her is dominant as she's a photographer, model, fashion designer, actress, marketing expert and an all round soji babe.

I modified a borrowed (stolen) denim shirt into an off-shoulder, tie-front, cropped shirt (yeah, it needed that much description). 

The shirt belonged to my brother, I bought it for him a few years ago but got the sizing wrong and when it arrived it was too big, so my brother stared spreading rumours around the family that I bought him a denim lab coat.

Since I was so unappreciated I took my shirt back and now its going places (watchu know about that lab coat, huh Chidi?)

So a how-to basically: I buttoned the two middle buttons of the shirt and slid the collar down till it was around my shoulders. Folded the lapels down and tied the tails at the bottom for a cropped effect.


Oh yeah and my make-up that morning was doing a mad ting

Damn Daks, back at it again with the candid shot

Love and Light x


  1. that thing you did with the shirt is so creative!

  2. What an amazing way to recreate a top, I love how your braids adds to this look. I see you went to simpopo, the view was beautiful wasn't it? The scenery is perfect for pictures as well.

    Princess Audu Change

  3. The makeup and the skirt are FIYAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  4. Love how creative you went with the denim lab coat by turning it into one of this season's hottest trends, an off-shoulder!😍😍😍

    Grid Print Two Piece x Monochrome

  5. Love how you restyled the top. The entire ensemble is gorge!

  6. That skirt is super cute!

  7. That's a lovely outfit you have on. Great styling too.

  8. Lovely creative outfit.. Nice shots also..

  9. Indeed a gorgeous outfit! You look adorable in this. Thanks for featuring this denim outfit here. I have attend a party next month at Seattle Venues and quite confused on what to wear for the day. Thanks for inspiration!

  10. Hahahaha @denim lab coat. Very creative. I would have really loved to see what the back looks like. am going to copy this style.

  11. Haha,So innovative. Can't wait to wear one of my oversize shirt like this.

  12. I also received the black scrub set. It is just like the white set except that the white set has slits at the ankles. The black scrub pants does not. The color of the black is very nice too.


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