Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tikki Tikki Proposals

I'm sure you guys would have been wondering what rock I crawled under because apart from this LPM post my last post was on the 11th, eons in blogging years. Or maybe you thought I was given as a Valentines Day gift to some Arab sheik in his Bedouin tent in the desert and I'd be presented to him wrapped in a rolled up carpet, starkers except for the jewels weighing down my neck, wrists and earlobes and his manservant named Abbud would roll out the carpet and I'll land at the feet of His Highness of the House of Saud and his piercing midnight orbs will look into my infidel eyes and.........

Well damn

Aaanyway, I was right here in The Grampians, the holy Granite City of Aberdeen slogging away at work. School is a female dog man, driving for two hours on 3rd Mainland Bridge to get to work in the morning and driving for four hours to get back home is nada compared to the torture of studying and essays and is well, 11 more months, 11 more months.

Valentines Day was pretty bleh, only brightened by my ginormous Interflora delivery (y'all know Himself could never fall my hand) which I only just threw out today after my room started to smell of chlorophyll. As usual, the by force Princes Charming decided to propose that day, my bbm list was full of pictures of engagement rings and "She said YES!", "My best friend has asked me to share his life", "Together Forever", bla bla bla. I know I love romance and all but vomituous much?

On that note I reach into my vault of True Life romantic stories to bring you a story of a proposal. I went to Law School with the prospective di na nwunye and when we were at school they were just friends, this was just 2 years ago by the way. Apparently they've been friends for 10 years and the girl had been there through all the guys various relationships until December 2010 the scales fell from the bobo's eyes and he fell in love with his best friend, they started dating officially in December, this is 2 months ago o, TWO MONTHS. So, on this momentous day, a few days after Valentines Day, I think it was the 16th or so, it was the girls birthday so the guy organised a surprise party for her with the help of her friends, little did they know they were the ones that were going to be surprised. When the friends got to the super secret location, this dear dear man handed them t-shirts to wear with a letter inscribed on each t-shirt, told them to put on the shirts then arranged them in order. The babes were still wondering what was up and decided to look at each others shirts to fugure out what he was doing and saw that they spelled out WILL YOU MARRY ME *cue aaawwwwwwsssss from all gathered*. The girl appeared, her friends showed them their backs, he got down on one knee and the rest is bbm display picture history. It was all OVER my phone that day, I wasn't even there and I felt like I was wearing a letter shirt too. My friend Winterbottom who gave me the full gist and who is a hardened cynic was spitting hearts and flowers that day, it was something else I tell you.

I actually really like that proposal, surrounded by friends, I'd prefer mine to be private but if people had to be there, my friends and family would be perfect. I hate public proposals, like restaurants or airports or screens at sports games, I'm TERRIBLY shy and I would be so crippled with shyness I might even say no. Or cliche'd proposals like The Eiffel Tower or The Empire State Building, that one sef I'll just vex, how dare you take me where many have gone before me. I'm sure if one even goes to the Eiffel Tower to do the deed, there'll be 20 other men kneeling down and holding little jewellery boxes out to 20 other girls with their hands over their mouths and tears running down their faces and an identikit crowd clapping every night.

*oohh SATC fun fact: Did you know Miranda proposed to Steve...and he said yes. That show was just amazeballs!*

When I was around 10 or 11 my favourite proposal ever was in the book Good Wives, its the sequel to Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, where Laurie proposes to Amy in a little boat on a lake in the middle of the Swiss Alps surrounded by snow covered mountains. He says to her "will we always row in the same boat Amy?" and she says "yes". My little pre-pubescent heart used to throb whenever I read that bit and best believe I read it over and over again.

Then when I was 13 it was from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which is another book that has a lot of awesome quotes where Mr. Darcy tells Elizabeth Bennet "I have fought against my better judgment, my family's expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony". Delicious! Excepty that "inferiority of birth" bit, I'd have konked the man. And Colin Firth did a fantastic job in the movie, I've had a huge crush on the man since forever, now everyone's jumping on the bandwagon. I HATE when my crush becomes public property.

Another beautiful one was in the movie "A Walk To Remember", I wept like a baby when I saw that movie. Landon says to Jamie "Do you love me?" "Yes" she nodded. "Will you do something for me then?" "Anything" she replied "Will you… marry me?" "Yes". And she had only 3 months to live! Chai, Nicholas Sparks is a heartles , heartless man. His books are soooo sad.

And then my ultimate proposal, Patrick Dempsey to Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. Maddest proposal ever, Patrick tells Reese they're going out on a date so she gets all dressed up enters the limo and he takes her to someplace like a dark, abandoned warehouse and she's going "where are we, where are we" and suddenly all the lights go on and she sees they're in Tiffany and all the ring cases are lit up and there are attendants everywhere smiling at her, then he gets down on one knee and.....*swoon freakin worthy*

And the cutest ever, Justin Chambers aka Massimo to Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner, wallahi my 16 yr old self would have married him sef if he had told me all that. With the ring in the dollhouse and the broken Italian/English *sigh* "I know I say we just be buddy buddy friends but i wont be true to my heart, be my wife Mary Fiore and i will take care of you and be true to you and like this house I built for your dolls, I will make sure you have a strong roof over your head. and if your answer is yes, know that no-one will ever love you as much as I love you and you will make me the happiest man on the earth". With gbagauns and all the future Dr. Alex Karev delivered a 5 handkerchief worthy proposal scene. I remember I and my friends Molly Ore and Bukky Bamigboye watching that scene and BAWLING. Lordy, the hormones that course through teenage girls sha.

So after all the romantic overload of the week it was only right that I got the hell outta Dodge and go shack up with another lonely female, my boo Molly who I hadn't seen since she got married. She had to be in London and her husband wasn't with her on V-Day so I and my fellow Miss Havisham decided to spend the weekend together.

My loco Mrs. Okafor

Who's this burriful geh?

This night, I, Molly and our friends Kim and Jackie decided to go out and celebrate Molyy's been delivered from the power of darkness (who remembers that book?) and after dinner started the night at Trader Vic drinking Tikki Pukka Pukka's. Now the last time I ingested copious anmounts of this absolutely lethal drink was at Trader Vic in Dubai and my friends and I went from this:

To this:

And this:

This happened in less than an hour, some parts of that night are still very hazy. So best believe that this weekend I respected myself and stuck to one glass.

And this one? WHO IS SHEEE????

Jackie and Molly. Jackie is the creator of Fashion Mavericks and through her faboosh sef I got an invite to my first ever London Fashion Week show! I was soo hegzited like you woudn't believe.

Pictures from the show in my next post, whenever I get round to it cos I'm on a roll tonight, two posts in one night. Knowing myself, I'll be all gingered right now, then for the next two weeks I'd just be like meh. Maybe I'll do the fashion show post now sha and just save it or something, the things I do for my profashionals. Its 11.48pm, I have Oil & Gas Regulation at 9am tomorrow and I'm still up, blogging, smh at myself.

p.s. The beutamagorgeous (well I'm assuming, seeing as I've never met the girl before but she sounds gorgeous) dedicated her latest blog post to me. Her writing is sooo delicious, check out her blog s'il vous plait. miafarradaily


  1. Nice Pics, and that's a sweet lovely proposal story. You missed out Jane Eyre, I loved it!

    I love such stories, hopeless romantic that I am. In honor of Val, I'm running a whole series of them on my blog this month.

  2. Lol! @ "vomituous much"!

    I cried like a baby when I watched "A walk to remember". It was like someone reached inside me and yanked out tears, snot and a whole lot of unpretty things.

    I like hearing marriage proposal stories but sometimes wonder if all the effort that goes into that day is the same effort that goes into the relationship (yeah, deep down I am a cynic).

  3. lmaooo u r just jokes u got all d movies well..loved a walk to remember,sweet home alabama and MASSIMOss.. taught it was gorgy then n still do watched that movie almost as much as my SATC box set...

    Your mates proposal was extra cute as well..aww d joys of love

  4. really.. i dint no justin chambers ws in d wedding planner. cant really remember d movie tho. personally i dont think dat guy was made 4 ny oda role asides dr alex karev.he's amazin. lol @ wot d drink did 2 u n ur crew in dubai. had a good laugh.xx

  5. OMG!!! A Walk to Remember made me cry so hard- and i didn't even cry for Titanic! I'd rather have a quiet proposal, but imaginative too like the one in sweet home Alabama (loved that movie hehe)

    Good luck with school oh. It's hard, but as you know i suppose, worth it


  6. nonsense! arab sheik whats wrong with Naija boys? First you travel out then Nigeria is no longer good enough for you.
    Also you forgot many more epics, what about Casablanca or Roman Holiday or When Sally Met Harry classic lines in there.
    p.s. I'm sure you like the Patrick Dempsey proposal cockroach eyes is doing you, which poor naija lad is supposed to be able to live up to all that. I beg face your studies.

  7. @Myne, omg yes! Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester! That was romantic too but the whole book was somewhat clouded for me because of the mad wife, but I guess it ranks though.

    @NN, it depends on the couple and how well the guy knows his girlfriend. Most guys just do what they think their girlfriends will like. i doubt they would have got to that stage if the relationship were lukewarm. I'm getting you though.

    @Jen, by now you've probably guessed I'm a total bibliophile and a movie fanatic and i have a photographic memory. I never forget anything! Well only the things I deem important.

    @Ifeoma, yeah I know. If you're used to seeing him as Alex Karev you won't recognise him as Massimo. He made a great Italian though. And about Dubai, yes those are part of my mental crew, madness wherever we go.

    @TheCornerShop, I cried buckets for that movie, not even as much as the book. Esp the bit where she tells him to promise he won't fall in love with her...dang. box office gold man.

    @Anon6.08, I love you too my darling. You're the only Nigerian boy for me, lol xxx

  8. aww.. i love this proposals.
    i am not a movie extraordinare.. i think i slept during the movie,"the wedding planner".. blame my poor secondary school eyes and my zeal to "feel among". LMFAO..!!

    i love your blog. good stuff.

  9. many proposals!my best was "a walk to remember" proposal..i cried like a baby..pointing "she's going to die and he loves her so much"...that was THE proposal mehn!i always cry when i watch a proposal in a movie, especially the cute private ones..its so mushy and warm!....*le sigh* BTW, Molly's bling is blinding o!HOT!!!!

  10. what can i say....hopeless and emotional wreck like me...LOL

  11. wow you are the coolest you totally rock! Those films are the greatest ever...ever...ever. I'm in love with you lets make a baby.

  12. I loved Pride and prejudice!!! that one was awesomeeeeeee!!! A walk to remember made me cry!!!!!! ..:(

    Lovely post..packed with memory jerking moments!..:)

    love the blog you recommended too!

  13. *sigh* A walk to remember! at a stage i was watching that movie once a week had to delete it. that Pride and Prejudice ehn, half the time i just wanted to brush that stuck up darcy! 1st time reading ur blog, looove it!

  14. I loved loved this post!! got so much to say but I gotta grab lunch soon. so i'll be back when I sign in. And you look so faboosh with those bangs and vixen the hair & makeup.

    11 months will go by so fast, you just wait and see!

  15. LOL...i love romance so that groom did very well in my books with the awesome proposal!!
    I can't for HIM to pop the question, it'll be so romantico!

  16. Lmao, who r the two Anon's? Funny.
    Great post, luv ur blog


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