Sunday, March 2, 2014

LPM Is 5!

Yeap! LPM is 5 years old! And we are celebrating our 5th anniversary with a free LPM in Lagos, (isn't that awesome?). The theme this month is well…..
So come celebrate 5 years of Lagos’ FABULOUS fashion and lifestyle market with food, drinks, music, great people and of course the fabulous shopping we are known for!
Expect Giveaways pre and during the event (follow the official hashtag #lpmis5 on Instagram and twitter for more details)
Vendors Include but are not limited to:

Q- Ruka couture| Mindset| Biddy's Mondo||Dammy| Kooks wit| Candy train| Mink modish| Akpos Okudu| Ella Mathew| Nl Clothing| Bandit urban| Salma Bello| Habeeba Diaw| Stella's Addiction| Kiki Kamanu| Liz Yemoja| 5th & Quansah| Mobelle inc| Elleleroske| Zabethel collection| Fashion strings| Tribal west design| In vogue| Desire 1709| Sybil's Jewelry House| Baileys| L'Espace| Vikafrik| Dabsi| Maison de Accentuer| Things Nigerians Love| Ajali| Crystal| Shoe collector| B & C fab| Desirous collections| Femme Fatale

With age comes change – so in addition to the awesome free-mium LPM, we are also going global this year. We are getting ready for LPM in London on the 29th of March and LPM Accra which will be in late April.
This March, Lagos’ slice of Portobello is bringing a whole serving of African sunshine! With our strategic partner Events by Amalya, we are bringing you the debut #LPMLONDON
With BOTH Lagos & UK- based African fashion, lifestyle and beauty brands it promises to be an explosion of fun & fashion!

Can you say SUPER-SIZED? Please stay tuned for all the exciting news!

Our 5 year anniversary/Freem-ium edition is set to take place on Sunday the 2nd  of March at Factory 36, 36 Balarabe Musa, VI Lagos.

The debut edition of  #LPMLONDON is slated to take place on the 29th of March at La Galleria Pall Mall. To participate sign up at to register as a vendor and sign up for an event, if you have any difficulty send an email to:

Nigeria Based Vendors:

UK- Based Vendors:

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Here are pictures of the La Galleria Pall Mall to give you a feel of the beautiful , up-market space that LPM London will be held in.



  1. I seriously had no idea you were part of Le Petit Marche. I've been wanting to attend forever but I'm never in Lagos at the right time.

  2. Its been 5yrs already? Thank God for the progress. Make una carry go. I'll definitely drop by soon.

  3. Hi Adaku, I've chewed all my nails , waiting for pictures from the lpm throwdown but still nothing.
    Please indulge us, k?

  4. Hi Adaku, I've chewed all my nails , waiting for pictures from the lpm throwdown but still nothing.
    Please indulge us, k?


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