Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I feel like the past couple of months or so have just been a whirlwind.

First off, two of my closest friends got married and none of them had the decency to do it in Lagos, so from Anambra to London to Benin to Port-Harcourt, I've legged it all over the world to watch these girls become women.

Then it was #DaksDay again *cue clashing cymbals*, the absolute bestest day in the history of the world ever,  rolled by again and as yours truly is an unrepentant Lost Girl and will personally never grow up, I made a big deal over it (again) and made sure my friends were as involved as ever (again).

All in all I've had a pretty stressful few months and extreme lethargy combined with travel fatigue combined with hellish traffic combined with random bouts of frustration and above all the horrific inefficiency of my ISP, Swift (swift indeed *sidest of eyes*), have ensured that blogging stayed pretty much on the back burner. Right now I'm actually using my mobile hotspot to post this because Swift is on the fritz yet again. Please if anybody knows any half decent ISPs in Lagos, for the love of God let me know because I might just place a burning cross in front of the Swift HQ one day just to shake them up a bit.

Daks Day

This delish cake via my Soul Sister Molly. Since the day I met this girl, many many years ago during summer school she has bought me a cake every year on my birthday. No matter what country I'm in or she's in she makes sure I get a cake on my birthday.

I wrote on Instagram that I wear pink on my birthday every year, its no secret that my favorite color is pink but I don't really do pink clothes, just lots of pink accessories and a very pink room. So I'd wear a pink accessory or carry something pink around the whole day. Don't ask why just go with it.

This year, with the chutzpah brought on by old age I finally had the courage to go the whole hog and wear all pink.

This year was definitely more low-key than my usual birthday throw downs but I was surrounded by some of the people I love most, there was food, cake and a pink dress.....best day.

TWP Features

Interview in The Nation Newspaper

As a guest on Style 101 on Spice Tv Africa, Channel 192 on DSTV

On the Fashion Protege reality show on Africa Magic


Because Nigerians like to marry and with all the gra gra surrounding the event; bridal showers, hen nights, traditional, registry and white weddings, you'd think I attended like 6 weddings in the past 3 months instead of just 2.

My QC roll dawg Nwabugo got married in London in June and and I gave up 3 of my precious leave days for her as per lovers and shit.

Not sure if I left my brain back at the office but somehow I forgot my camera at home and for this bit I'm relying solely on mobile phone pictures and photos I filched from Sisi Yemmie's blog.

She had a French themed bridal shower.....

.....and wore a Maggie Soterro dress looking like an absolute princess.

I'm all tough on the outside and melty on the inside and without fail I have cried at every single one of my friends weddings, but this one......my goodness. Bugo is a massive romantic and unlike me who is terribly ashamed of my love for the gooey stuff she lets her freak flag fly. So to say she brought it at this wedding is an understatement, the thing be like film.

Every moment brought waterworks, I kid you not. From walking down the aisle with her baby brother to her vows to their first dance......I bawled throughout.

See below for example, as caught out by Sisi Yemmie's unforgiving camera.

and I caught the bouquet.....

The world just won't let me be a grinch in peace.

Next up, my favorite month and the bride's birth month as well, July was all about my Gam Gam aka Iroghama.

This babe carried me from Benin to PH as she transitioned from a Bini girl to an Okrika wife.

You can just tell this post is full of stolen pictures....

My Gamma danced like there weren't a thousand people watching, gave me all I needed and more.

At this point she was possessed by the spirit of Patoranking

So yah...besides tons of NSFW, in fact Not Safe For Life pictures depicting extreme acts of debauchery, this is pretty much what I've been up to recently.

Love and light xx

This post is for MissIgho, Aunty_Nunu16, MissOHS, Tonicarlito and Gimbiya_xx.....the Blog Police.


  1. Daks of life! As always, you look absolutely amazing. I live for these posts. Whenever I wear my rags I just come on here and wear nice clothes through you. Baffs by proxy. Your life is so fab. So fab! Happy married life to your friends.

    1. A resounding amen to my life being fab. Nne (abi nna, I don't know), tbh its a life that consists mainly of eating ice-cream, reading and watching tv shows......but I'll take the fabness.

      Thank you!

  2. Woot woot! Nice seeing you again at Iro's wedding. Cakes didn't allow me to be great and TURN UP at the after party :(

    1. Ah you guys turned up enough at the reception now, all by yourselves, y'all didn't need nobody else, lol

  3. You looked great in that pink dress and pixie cut.....My fav dress will be the purple dress in the last wedding.
    i wish your friends a happy married life and to you more successes, love and peace

  4. Good to know you are back. Kept coming back here every other day to check.

  5. Eurgh!! Don't remind me!
    I raked oh! Hooped & hollered in their office and not a single member of staff batted an eyelid. Think they were far more engrossed in my accent than the words coming out of my mouth. Never have I been so livid and left a place more dissatisfied *kmt*
    I feel your pain oh!

    BLEURGH - http://www.bleurghnow.com

    1. Dude, I'm about ready to burn that place down. I've never received so much shitty service in my entire life.

  6. Yaaaay! !! finally a post. Welcome back blog queen. Please dont leave us like this again. I missed your updates :)

  7. LMAO @ the spirit of patoranking...Benin and PH was a blast and boo to you and Berry for not showing up at the after parry :p

  8. I love pink as well, just never have the courage to go all the way
    I usually blend it out with sth
    You look so pretty
    Nice blog Daks, now ffg
    Check mine sometimes

  9. We missed u girl.... Lolz.... Pls visit my blog www.irelateblogz.com

  10. Oh my Daks! How I missed thee!
    So much so I had to go searching on instagram just to be sure you're ok. And when I saw your posts...I felt kinda sad that you'd just abandon us over here. :(
    As usual, this post is exciting!
    Happy belated birthday fantabulous Daks! May God's graces shine forth for you and grant your desires, Amen.
    Happy married life to your friends.

  11. Nice to read from you again babe. Xoxo

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