Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Work Style

ASOS Dress

I've gotten a few requests asking to do a post on what I wear to work, I don't have time to take proper photos but I do have time for selfies :)

Things Nigerians Love scuba dress

Zara pantsuit

 Zara  blazer, Salvatore Feragammo belt, Topshop jeans, Chanel flats

Love and Light x



  1. i love all the outfits, well styled

  2. That TNL overcoat caught my're naturally fab! see figure!

  3. Love the blue dress. It's kinda difficult to be so dressed here in a UK law firm, because lots of people wear basics and you end of being over dressed. But I guess I'll just keep being 'overdressed'!

  4. Lol at "Monochrome" plastered across your picture. Shade. Like "dear the rest of you, monochrome isn't black and white"


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