Saturday, November 15, 2008

Faces of NLS

Who said its all work and no play where a group of soon-to-be barrister's are concerned. After a grueling introductory week, we all let our collective weaves down and proceeded to have a good piss up [they had a good piss up, i don't drink so the extent of my inebriation was fanta related]. Oh yeah and happy birthday Nnamdi.

p.s. still rocking my black bandage
Tolu, Bisola, Adanna
Tolu, Edimma
Kike, Seyi, Adanna
Bisola, Chimezie
Tolu, Bisola, Adanna
Future judges, SAN's, Attorney-Generals e.t.c


  1. nice outfit, love the skirt! seems like u stood out in the crowd!--very savvy!!! ;) u still got the bandage??? hehehe! and oh!, am holding u on the suya deal--i have proof o! ;-)

  2. hey, if u were a musician, i would be your fan, just kidding. Anyway, i like what i read, and i like what i see.
    Nice and interesting. I have a blog too, you could check it out, Would like to meet you one of this days (seriously).

  3. my dear fashi o, linus got me good. thats the sturvs, will def hook you up with it

  4. omg!i know you from QC

  5. Dax, I've just been going through your archive o just for kicks.The sturvs didnt disappoint. Especially the Wonderland post.lmao. and the picture where you tagged future SANs and Attorney Generals.Hilarious!!


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