Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This weekend Abuja's p is going to be amped to the nth degree, chiefrocker's extraordinaire; the Okpaleke's are turning up the entertainment level with "Play Sports Bar & Grill". Fashi all dem places, Play, 167Adetokunbo Ademola crescent Wuse II is going to be the spot. Its opening this Friday and as a result of its general fabulousness the Mtv Africa Music Awards pre-party is going to be held there.

As well as the Nigerian Fashion Awards on Thursday and the MAMA's on Saturday, Abuja is going to be flossing this weekend. But this blogger is not going to be here to see it, courtesy of a lecture free week coinciding with the bf's birthday (yaaay), I'm off to Lagos for the weekend. Peace!


  1. Are you an Abujalite as well? I knew there was a reason why I liked you! My sis is going to the MTV Awards show as well. I havent been to Abuja in a while...cant wait to see all the new hot spots when I go this Christmas!
    PS: I have no clue how to do the followers thing:-(

  2. lol, nah babe, eko all the way! i'm just in abuja for a year because of law school. been trying to work it since i read your blo0g, maybe it'll click later sha.

  3. haha all u eko people that come and populate abuja for us!lol!!!

  4. Yeah...keeping things "gravy" with the bf is always priority! ;)

    Thanks for tagging me hun...I tagged you on my main blog page, how did you do yours?


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