Monday, November 3, 2008


November never used to be my favourite month, it barely even registered on my radar, i mean i'm born in July, I LOVE July. I always thought of November the way Jo March in 'Little Women' did, as the bleakest, darkest month, sort of a darkest before dawn month, you know heralding Christmas and all that. But lately I've been absolutely LOVING November and not just because a certain someone was born on the 25th, but also because it has a sort of pre-climatic feel to it. The weather starts to get colder, all of us Nigerians that like to pretend we're in yankee start layering and wearing jackets and boots. The fall fashions are gawjus, I mean f/w is my absolute favourite fashion season, its such a departure from the sickening pastels and candy colours of spring and summer. It has my two favourite zodiac signs Scorpio and Saggitarius [ i have no idea why i love them, they just seem way cooler than wimpy Cancer]. And last but not least my favourite [i'm overusing the word i know] literary character ever, I love her even more than Becky Bloomwood Brandon [ shocking Nkem, I know] , Wilhemina Winthrop Ikehorn Orsini Elliot from 'Scruples' was born on the 1st of November. Its no reason to love a month but trust me, I'm possessed like that.

November kicks ass.

Halloween for me was pretty uneventful, but honestly Nigerians are imaginative, I think the Halloween themed parties this year eclipsed any I've seen before. I mean Naija rocked it like it was going out of style, elaborate decorations and costumes and what not. We just have yankee fever, when America sneezes, Nigeria catches a cold. Does anybody even know when Sango was born sef? Even New Yam Festivals we've been celebrating for eons, apart from the obligatory stint on CNN via Inside Africa, it is virtually unrecognized beyond Nigeria. But anyway who gives a flying saucepan, Halloween is way more fun than any old yam festival.

Have been in Abuja for almost 3 weeks and i'm still trying to settle in, but i got a massive boost last night from the opening of a new juice bar. I'm not a health nut or anything, I mean I take my calories like a man or like a genetically blessed female who has remained a size 6 for her whole adult life no matter what crap she ingests. But i really like fruits, its shocking because my idea of something nutritious yet refreshing is Baskin Robbins Butter Pecan ice-cream. Anyway since i'm a lazy bitch the thought of peeling pineapples and oranges sends me into an absolute tizzy, so whenever I find freshly squezzed juice [ not that concentrated shit] or fruit smoothies, i can almost sell my black, patent leather Lanvin tote to get it [almost, but not quite].

Back to the point, last night MEGA JUICE opened for business in Abuja, located at the Farmer's Market in Maitama [so you know they'll never run out of fresh fruit] their smoothies are absolutely to die for, refreshing yet nutritious is not the word. I practically OD'd on their mango smoothie last night, amaaayyyyzing. I Endorse!

The owner, Ray Ajugwo




  1. i was born on the first on november to :(...loves it. i love your blog too.

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  3. nice layered necklace!!! love f/w for the styles esp seeing how alexander wang and balmain murdered it--also the layering and the boots eventhough I wear boots anytime I feel like...will definitely pass on the cold--

  4. UFNG, i wish i were youuu! i love Nov 1st. thanks dear

    uzo, thanks jare, i know. i'm totally feeling wang's leather dress. omg, did you peep the manolo blahnik for alexander wang watersnake pumps. too mad!

  5. "all of us Nigerians that like to pretend we're in yankee start layering and wearing jackets and boots" ---> LMAO people serious do these esp the layering with that HEAT, the boots a bit understandable.
    *next time u hit up here, ring me since your a calorie loving :-D

    hws ur adjustment to abj going?

  6. lol, you need to be here at christmas, you'll ROTFLYAO. i def will, more reason to come to MD.

    abuja's going alright, its not difficult to get used to, rather easy sef. its a very chill city

  7. Ankle boots are the only understandable ones...but knee high, furry, uggs...tufia!

    I really miss abuja n have you heard or Suhjuiced in Ceddi plaza?

    I went to a primary school right near that farmers market oh! Chei!


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