Monday, November 24, 2008

Back and Depressed

I've been seriously depressed since 5.30pm yesterday, that was the exact time I landed in Abuja after almost a week in Lagos. This past one month I had been lying to myself that I was already used to Abuja but after just 4 days back home I came back a wreck and I've had to adjust all over again.I miss,miss, miss the bf, for my sake I think he's going to have to move to Abuja just so I can have some sanity. But for the sake of being called to bar next year i'm going to have to cop on to myself and adjust.

Too knackered to write a good long post so I just wanna say happy birthday to the almighty bf, the LOML and the HTIL. Love you mwahhhhh!!!!!


  1. you're so in love it's cute to read.
    have fun in law school... oh and if it'll make you feel better, ive heard that lagos law school is crowded, noisy, annoying..........

  2. hey dear, feel good, if u need a cheer up buzz me so that we can talk fashion or will baskin & robins help ;)lol no worry xmas break is here :) happy bday to all!!!

  3. awww once you get use to abuja, you'll love it...i promise! you and your bf are too cute!

  4. oh god maybe u should rest a bit and travel to escape a bit

  5. @geisha song, LOL! i heard the same thing, thank God for small mercies

    @jadore, bring on the baskin robbins butter pecan babe

    @maddy hayes, wetin?

    @qc, ur far too kind

    @NDQ lol, thanks i'll let him know

    @MR style, are u inviting me somewhere? send 2 tix over mayne


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