Monday, February 2, 2009


Zee weekend was a blur of champagne, private jets, Monaco, yachts, Russian billionaires and Argentinian polo players. I've been existing in a fugue state of mind, as a result of too much Caviar and Cristal and dancing at Anabel's with princes. My Stuart Weitzman's hurt and my Chopard headband is probably drifting along the Seine now as a result of a crazy scavenger hunt with Charlotte Casirsghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo.... I So Freakin Wish!!!!!!

The weekend was dry, dry, dry! Apart from a night out at Quorum and Tuccano with my partner's in crime [Ediri, Erenma, Adanna & Anwuli] nada happened, zilch! I've spent the last 2 weekend's in school and was chafing at the bit to go to Abuja and see what's happening, but I swear tumbleweed was blowing along Aminu Kano, it was that boring. Next weekend I'll respect my old age and sit my firm, toned tush in Bwari, no more town forays for me.

P.S. the rumour going round town that the waitresses at PLAY on Adetokunbo Ademola now serve in lingerie in addition to serving a little something on the side? BIG FAT IRO! Na lie! Spoke to Elvis Okpaleke, who runs said bar and he said that nothing of the sort is going down, apparently there's going to be a lingerie fashion show at PLAY in a couple of weeks and there was just a little awareness to whip up interest in the show and it happened only ONCE. Plus the girls in their unmentionables were professional models not the waitresses, so all y'all that have been saving your lap dance money and not sending your girlfriend's top up, better hightail it to the nearest MTN umbrella and spend that cheese.

In other 'covered up news', just saw the pics for "Barbie: Fashion Through The Ages", actually I've had them for a couple of weeks but have been too busy to blog, still on that Law School ish, you know. Anyhoo being the big baby I am [still have all my Barbies from when I was a kid] I practically puked when I saw the photos, combinig my two loves: dolls and high end designer clothing, although I can afford only one of the two. I looove these pictures and have spent many a happy hour just gazing at them, for all you old people like me with 10 yr olds inside trying to get out, enjoy!

Classic Burberry, the scarf, the trench... very reminiscent of Mary Quant, Biba and London 60's cool.

Bob Mackie is THE go to guy for fabulous Hollywood glamour. Anybody remember Cher's gowns from the 80's, especially the Zulu princess/stripper outfit she had on when she won the Oscar for Moonstruck in 1987? Forget Elie Saab, forget Marchesa [as fabulous as they are], Bob Mackie is THE MAN!

My 'Queen' Beyonce Knowles, wore this dress and its totally one of my favourite red carpet looks on her. Tres fabuleux!

Not too wild about this dress, looks like a regular wedding dress from Kleinfeld's to me, but I'm a really big Herrera fan [her wedding dress in SATC the movie is to die for!] and I especially love looking at old pictures of her from the 70's, when she was a Manhattan socialite painting the town red with Diane Von Furstenberg, who knew they would go from sipping Mojito's at Studio 51 and hanging out at Andy Warhol's loft, to fasion royalty.

Not a huge fan of this look or of Cynthia Rowley even, but she has a surprisingly huge fan base, so protocol demands she get her 2 cents as well as everyone else. Plus once in a line she deviates from her WASPiness and creates something really cool, maybe its her stint as a judge on Design Star thats opening her up to new possibilities., Who knows?

Forgive me for fashion ignorance, but I never knew Ferrari had a fashion line. I know about Cristina Ferrari, but she doesnt seem to be affiliated with this project so I dont think its one and the same. I need info!

Aah Judith of the gloriously sinful purses, hits it outta the park with this achingly beautiful dress. it looks like its been spun from gold thread and its such a perfect Barbie dress. I WANT this dress so badly, its definitely one of my top 3 outta all the dresses

I flat out don't like this dress, I'd never wear it, nuff said. But this 79 year old former NY socialite is doing pretty well and her limited edition toys also include a Monopoly set.

Don't think this is one of Messrs Mark Badgely and James Mischka's better efforts, the dress certainly could have done without the enormous SJP style corsage on the front. But they're allowed to make mistakes when they're so fabulous all the time, non?

Hmnnn, a little too 2005 for me

The Queen of Pretty, sticks to her signature look, but whams it up with that gorgeous brown sash. Won't mind this at all on my Big Day.

I still havent recovered from Posen's bridesmaid dresses from SATC the movie and he comes and hits us with this again. The volume! The pleats! The colour! I Love!
p.s. also peep Zac as Ken, too keeyoot!

Makeup Art Cosmetics shows us the meaning of diversification. Why stick to boring old foundations and lipglass, when you can do Barbie!

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P.S. check out for her Women Worth Knowing post featuring Blondie Okpuzor, definitely worth reading.


  1. OMG! you are just too fab! love your make up. what kind of hair d'you have on?

  2. lik i cldn't wait to read d blog b4 i commentd....lik ur hair is WOW hw did dey do it? lol

    n you look so hot
    am stealing it :P

    is ur eyebrow tattooed?

  3. @anonymous, thank you! its a lace front wig.

    @chi-chi lol! its a kind of wig, i sell it if you're interested sha. nah men, i did the eyebrows myself, i don't dare try that tattooed makeup stuff

  4. the barbie's and your look, first thing i thought when i came on your page....oooh she looks that the smokey eyed look?

  5. No problem, if there ain't any movie, we can always dig up sex and the city--love your make up!! hope thing are better now!!xxx

  6. Third paragraph is a total rib cracker! Who told you they were saving up for the dancers and not cos of credit crunch?

    Not really a fan of barbie. Had one when I was 7 or 8 and I chewed the eyes (Please don't ask me why). I prefer stuffed animals.

    Nice blog you have here. Will be back.x

  7. @sweet and sensible, you're far too kind, yeah it is.

    @jf taking each day one step at a time. thanks luv

    @moody crab [luv ur name, are you a cancer?]. they were! all these perverted abuja guys. chewed the eyes? hope your diet's improved since then, lol. thanks b!

  8. aww pweety! as i was reading the 1st paragraph, i was like, huh?? r u kidding me! not that im implying that all that is impossible

    wow..those barbies..OMG..i wanna be a barbie!

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