Monday, February 16, 2009


Lost my shisha virginity last week and believe me it wasn't all its cracked up to be. I felt like I was just inhaling very unaddictive, scented second hand smoke.

On the side, A 13YR OLD DAD!! I'm sure to some people this must be commonplace but I was totally blown away, especially because he looks way younger than his age and his baby mama is 15 but looks 18. I swear I wan laugh die when I saw this picture, I was like this babe sef, weren't there any other guys she knew that she had to go do the dirty with someone who looks like her kid brother. Too freakin hilarious.


first puff, thinking i was going to get high immediately [shows what a ju-chick i am]

laughing like a hyena because i felt so stupid


  1. LOL I can't believe I hopped on Temite's bandwagon of always trying to be first.
    Aniwoos I love smoking shisha, it feels like I'm drinking herbal tea or something. and my friends usually try to compete and see who can blow out the most amount of smoke.
    Aniwoos...LMAO at that 13 yr old dad. Just wow!

  2. I love your dress and hair!! you look amazing!!

    He looks so young!! and the girlfriend looks like she is 30 or something. When I first saw it I thought she was his mum. Jesus take the wheel! This is outrageous!!!

    I haven't lost my shisha virginity yet, I just ordered 2 pipes and the molasses so I'd be losing it pretty soon.

    how have you been?

    gros bisous!!

  3. Ehn? What are you doing with that pipe? Ehn Profashional. Dont let me come and whip you o.
    So what exactly is shisha?
    That picture is of a grossesess men. What is wrong with all these little kids of nowaday sef?

  4. That boy doesnt look old enough to produce a baby! There is something fishy about this story!

  5. @mgbeke aah, aah you're stealing temite's P o! Its probably an acquired taste but I don't have the patience to get used to it.

    @ovay merci! Go ahead, you might like it, not my thing at all sha.

    @temite be careful o, you're going out of first business. Lol! Don't worry ma, I won't do it again. Instead of this child to be playing with power rangers, he's there doing bigz boyz sturvs.

    @drpsofglam u think it some kind of wack pr stunt? Could be, oyibo dey craze.

  6. maybe some old dude got her preggo and they are covering it up with this small boy. Lol! It's possible.

  7. I never get high on shisha until I went to Morocco. I spent two days in the Sahara desert and smoked shisha with the Berbers. My head was so woozy afterwards that the journey back to Marakesh was a blur.

    The last picture looks distinctly familiar, you know the silly giggles and laughter that comes from being high?

  8. Hehehe@ drops' comment. Coverup conspiracy!!!!!

    Shisha, wait recently everyone I know is talking shisha shisha. Did some shisha bar open in Abuja lately.

    Like when Barcelos first came to Abuja everyone was eating teri-paki-(gini?)!

  9. @ Dropsofglamour: Hmmmm I never thought of that o! you know, so the boy could win some Guiness world record award or something.
    But I cant help wondering what would happen if they were in Nigeria.
    What beatings they'd get from their parents!!! LMAO !!!!

  10. u lookin gud

    hw come u dnt blog about vals day lol

    haha..shisha :P

  11. Omo Oba, ki lo de? Na waaaaa ohhh.

    * * *
    Mii komment has bin safed, hand will be fiisible after di owner appruvaal.

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  13. im still in absolute shock bout the 13yr old father thing..this is my 1st time seeing their dunno what to say!!!

  14. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! U CRAZY CHILD!!!! um why didnt i know u blogged???? (waiting for answer)

    i swear I look at a picture and went, huh why does she look like u, ad was like no.. and had to look over 13 postc & pics back to make sure.

    lol u need to be spanked!!!!

  15. Fashional - where are u? Come back here o. I miss u

  16. you got me worrying?
    is it to much school work or exams?

  17. Havent tried shisha yet..still want to. Also want to try one of the oxygen bars. Meanwhile, you looked fab as always:-)
    13 year old dad? SICK.

  18. I love your dress and hair!! you look amazing!!


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