Saturday, April 11, 2009


It was a banging week! That's all I can say, absolutely banging! I took so many photos, I dont even know which to put up here, they'll probably all end up on fb or something. I planned everyday to go blog, but I was always so busy, the shopping is amaaayyyzing!!! Its like the US and jand put together, like they've got all the high street shops: New look, Topshop and River Island dem and awon Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Nine West, Aldo...The guys, not so great, all they have is bucket loads of Arab money, but not much in the looks department. Oh, except the guys that live in Jumeira, HOTT!!! Thats like the bougie area, where the ruler of Dubai lives and everything, the guys there are on a kentro.

And the cars!! Triple damn! First of all they're nearly all white, my friend Amaka was like even cars she didnt know came in white she saw them this week. Then every night at the Mall of the Emirates is like a goddamn car show, too messy! It has to be seen to be believed. And this hotel, The Atlantis, messiest hotel I've ever seen, has underwater rooms!

All in all, I'm impressed, its a great vacation spot, fabulous shopping, cool people, lots to do and ogle at, fantastic eating[TGI Fridays, Applebees, Chilli's, Krispy Kreme, Haagen Dazs cafe, Baskin Robbibs, Wagamama e.t.c.], seriously there isn't much need to go to yankee or jand anymore, everything there is in Dubai. Plenty time to recharge my batteries and face my court attachments head on. Thanks to everyone who missed me and wondered aloud where I had got to and commented on my last post, bisous xxx.

TALLEST FREAKIN BUILDING IN THE WORLD [peep how its higher than the clouds]

AT CHI @ THE LODGE [2face performed here on April 4th]



BEDOUIN CAMPSITE. les poussins et henne





  1. sounds like u had mad fun.
    BTW i shall be adding u 2 my blog list.

  2. luving ur blog, very Honest. I absolutely love that gold CAR!!! and I will def. try and go to dubai, the place sounds amazing, I was just afraid it would be like HELLISHLY HOT!! but lookin at the pics, u guys don't even look like u sweated, lol.

  3. I've been talking Dubai all week and then saw your pictures.

    (God please promote my Father so I can hit dubai in the fall)

    I love your hair by the way never gotten a hairdresser in Abuja to do bangs that well and I've never been to a yankee salon.

  4. @abjmaiden don't be hun
    @uchenna, the temp was in the high 20's, not bad at all unlike Lagos thats 30sumn. But i heard it goes up to 50 in the summer though
    @ladi, lol God please promote your father o!

  5. :D adaaaaa lol
    your so Hot like Dubai :P
    haha....your having so much fun!!
    cool stuff

    got exams now tho
    is law school coming to an end soon?

  6. I so want to go to Dubai! Not fairrr lol. All those shops?? Sounds like retail heaven.

    That Bentley is sickkk tho! Abit garish but sick to death.

    Been trying to find out about law school and the application process but cant seem to get any info. I am on their nlsportal daily to get info. Pls pls pls can you tell me how you went about yours and how you got the application form. Cos it starts in june right??

  7. Love it, love it! It's like all my girls who went to dubai got one of those 'desert pics'. HOT STUFF! This babe you've totally sold Dubai to me because now i'm thinking about my next break & where I'm going to spend it. Hmm...and was it expensive just being there & having fun in general?

  8. Im so green with envy right now!

    Glad u had fun sha..lovely pics..

  9. @uju, lol. its kerrazy and the malls close at midnight. its shopping till you drop, literally. these people dont care about garish, over the top is their country's motto. yeah it starts in june, the only thing to do is check the website everyday, nls likes to keep people on their toes and they spring it at the last possible moment. i got mine online too but they like to kill time but it comes up in the end.

    @anyaposh, my posh friend the desert safari is a dubai must, everybody does it. you have got to go, definitely a worthwhile experience and these arabs know how to have fun and they are soo girl crazy. like i know my market is hot and all but seriously you begin to feel like some supermodel sturvs with all the attention they show. not really expensive, but like in forever21 their stuff is def more expensive that it is in the us, the dirham is 3.6 to a dollar and those f21 tees that go for $4 are about 25dhs, not much but its still there.

    @buttercup, baby, baby, baby dont be. thanks luv

  10. Is that a gold plated bentley?


  11. lol its actually silver chrome, its the lights thats making it look gold

  12. I like your fifth picture the most now u make me wanna go to dubai and get that henna/tat stuff done... *sniff* *sniff*

  13. Oh my gooodnesss I rmbr that girl in the purple top she went to my college in Orpington (Kent, Uk) so what is she in Naija now ?

    Babe you had fuu o ... plan to go there in December!! So it's like Jand and USA together? can it get any better!!

    You ladies looking fly.

    lovely blog.


  14. omg look at everyone!! looks like so much fun

  15. I hear things @ Dubai are on the pricey i shelved it for SA last year

    But will definately be there this year


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