Saturday, April 4, 2009


You know that episode in Gossip Girls where Dan had to write a story for the author he was interning with and the only thing he could write about was he and Serena's relationship? His dad asked him why he couldn't write anything else and he said because that was his story and that was all that came to mind when he put his pen to paper. Thats kinda like whats been going on with me, I actually haven't looked at my blog since the last post I put up but whenever I thought about blogging all i could think about were my personal problems.

You cling to the vestiges of a past life even when you know its dead and you drag its empty carcass around with you and then suddenly something happens to finally drive it home that its over and done with, can never be resurrected and you must move on with your life as fabulously as you can. For me that day was today and since I'm finally free of my demon I can write its obituary without feeling like I'm writing in my own blood.

Love doesn't conquer all. Tolerance, trust, faith, understanding, truthfulness and the ability to close your eyes are what make for a long and happy relationship and if you dont have that and you're madly in love and lust, you'll have fun yeah, and you can actually have fun for a long time, say 2 years but then after a while you admit to yourself that fun isn't enough.

So here's to April 4th 2009, 4.50pm for freeing me and allowing me to write again, to feel again, to laugh again and to love again, sometime, hopefully. And I'm getting on in a gbogbos bigz girlz steez, off to Dubai tomorrow for some retail therapy and Middle Eastern totty. Ediri, Erenma, lets go there!!!!


    Oh darling, this was beautiful written.
    You will LOVe again. I know it. So what will u bring me from Dubai. Damn gurl, u are having FUN jooo.

  2. lol! TEMI BABY!!! Whats the p now!! i've missed you guys!!! Blogville award abi? Temitan kan! I respect your swexy fingers o, no ne small, no be medium. Tell me what you want madam and i'll deliver

  3. Thank God you're back!!!!! Please never leave us this long again!

  4. FINALLY, i tried all the convincing lol!!! missed u... hope ur good? have fun, bring some goodies down this area.
    ps: u owe m a call

  5. Beautifully written, clear, concise and to the point....Have a fantastic time in Dubai!


  6. Welcome back!!! Have a blast in Dubai and p.s. I was looking through old magazines and saw u oh! In Thisday Style from last!

  7. @Zena, thanks darling and good luck with Mr. Chase
    @anonymous, thank you so much and I do intend to have fun
    @j'adore, Uzo luv, u did didn't you and I finally listened. Proud much?
    @AM, lol, thanks. Those things are not that hard to get into, just go out in Lagos, lol. And on ur shisha question, the spot is Blue Uber Lounge at Asokoro and at Wonderland too.

  8. Yay!! I am glad you're back. I wrote a post for you and kemeberly, she was away for a while too!

    Have fun!! and please blog often!


  9. glad u r back babe!

    have fun on ur trip!

  10. lucky babe heading off on a jet plane. Have fun & take plenty pictures!

  11. Finally!! I have been waiting toooooo long lol! Have a safe trip AND most importantly have fun + take loads of pictures :-)

  12. @ovay west, aww thanks babes, I'll def check it out
    @buttercup, the lurve is overwhelming. Thanks u guys
    @anyaposh, on a freakin emirates jet plane. Just got here and its too mad, exactly what I expected
    @uju, I intend to. In bed right now but waiting for morning so I can hit the mall of the emirates

  13. Babe, I feel I kinda know exactly what you are going through. I just had my heart shattered into tiny pieces. However, instead of Dubai for a well deserved therapy, I have a hot sexy Spaniard sent to me by the gods to mend my broken heart and he's doing exactly that! Have a wonderful time in Dubai!

    PS: Pop over to Abu Dhabi -Lulu Isalnd to be precise for a beautiful quiet time surrounded by artifical lake and then have tea at Emirate Palace (my future wedding venue, *giggles*) and if you have time, also visit Oman (it's just plane hop away) for fantastic diving. Trust me, it will be worth it!

  14. You seem to have learnt from the situation and already moving on. Well done, young lady and have fun in Dubai.

    PS: @ Moody Crab: That explains your last post. Hope you heal real quick and start blogging again.

  15. @moody crab, that's the spirit babes, the best way to get over these messed up species called men. I'll be pulling for you
    @anonymous, I've so learnt my lesson its not even funny.
    @jayla, what happens in dubai, stays in dubai!

  16. You were gone for long. Have a fabulous time on your trip.

    The heart will mend and new things shall come. Goodluck dear.

  17. wow chica paragraph 2 was just grim LOL. good gosh I pictures it, scary.

    have fun in Dubai in for me, never been. I became a believer in retail therapy last week. my bank must be happy.

  18. @lusciousron r u truly luscious? lol. thanks dear
    @bombchell, lol. retail therapy works wonders. better than any od shrink any day

  19. Missed yourt blog :-( Glad you're back


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