Friday, May 29, 2009


Photo by Jide Alakija

Poetry For Charity is a project spearheaded by young Nigerian modern poet Chiedu Ifeozo, he's a published writer with an anthology that can be purchased online from, "Thoughts on a page, a collection of poetry" and he has recently delved into the realm of charity work.

PFC is a monumental effort put together by Chiedu, where he brings writers from around the world to contribute to an anthology and the proceeds go to charity. Poetry for Charity Vol 1 was published last year and the most recent collection, Vol 2 is now available. The project is supported by 3 major Nigerian charities:
1)Little Saint's Orphanage
2)Stepping Stones Nigeria
3)Crystal Vision

I'm sure y'all know 3rd World P don't pimp for nothing, check out #25 in the table of contents to read my poem "Sanguinity" and those of you with perfect eyesight or strongly recommended glasses should be able to spot my triple decker name on the photo above.

You can now purchase a paperback version or download an Ebook version of Poetry for Charity Volume 2, from this link.

If you live in Nigeria, Volume one, is available from 17 Gerrard road,Ikoyi.

p.s. i'm sure y'all might be wondering why I didn't provide a link to the site, its because *I don't know how to*!!!! There I said it, I'm nearly illiterate when it comes to these things. I even googled it and tried to read up on how to add a link to a blog post, but it still didn't make sense. Please if you can, give a sister some help, aight?



  2. sounds progressive...

    about linking while u r composing the post, there is a link icon...just highlight the bit u want to show as a link and then click on the icon , i believe it is before the spell check will give u the option to type in the url...then voila! ope tht helps

  3. nice cause, sounds so cool!!!

    ps: will give you details of the wedding-- it next summer!! xx

  4. @virgos lounge, no worries, you can always download the ebook or sumn

    @culturecynic, will def try that soon. thanks xxx

    @JF, yaay! i'm so excited for you. will def try and be there


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