Thursday, October 7, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

The Pink Pearl Foundation is taking her (Breast Cancer) awareness campaign to Isolo, Lagos State, Nigeria on Saturday 9th of October.

Save a life.

Spread the word.

The meeting point is the Lagos State Polytechnic Isolo. For those on the Island interested in going, please be at 7 Owena (Blue House) Crescent, Parkview Estate by 9am, the bus will leave at 9.30am for Isolo. Come dressed in jeans and comfy shoes, t-shirts would be given at the meeting point. If you want to go on your own please meet us at the Lagos State Polytechnic Isolo, rally kicks off at 10.30am.

Also lets pray for the success of the rally and for a positive impact.

So I'll be there, any of my gorgeous, philanthropic profashionals that feel like doing something positive please be there. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, lets make a difference in any way that we can xxx


  1. How was the breast cancer event? Hope it went well. Thanks for the bday wishes...definitely better late than never!

  2. Hey you, it's been a while. Hope the event went well.

  3. Dear Miss Natural and NigerianDramaQueen, I think this event is tomorrow, 9th October! :)


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