Thursday, October 21, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Would have included this in my earlier post but I just saw it now. I know you guys are used to this side of me that writes about fashion, lifestyle, personal experiences etc.its really easy to forget that I have a proper job, being a lawyer that is. I love to write and I love fashion but I view them as interests which I indulge in from time to time, which I love but are not necessarily my future. My dream is to become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, maybe even The International Court of The Hague, all in all the aim is to get to the top of the Judiciary.

Anyhoo a while ago, I and two other counsel in my firm won an appeal at The Court of Appeal, it was a major case and written up in Law Reports, I actually never saw any myself but I was just given a copy of the The Guardian Newspaper from the 19th and it was reported in their Law Review! That is like a really huge deal and I'm tres excited. I become eligible to be appointed to a Court in Nigeria in 2019, long, I know but its the rules, you have to be 10 years at the Bar before you can become a Judge and I was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2009. So things like this publication are very important and go a long way towards establishing a solid reputation and being nominated.

So here's to Justice Adaku Abimbola ****** LLb BL ACIArb LLm(very soon)Phd(still thinking about that one) sitting at the Federal High Court of Nigeria, Lagos Division 2019.

**You can read the full article on The Guardian News website here


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