Thursday, October 21, 2010

Giddy and tinz

Yesterday a friend of mine accused me of being "giddy" and he said this with the utmost disgust. He's used to my normal sarcastic, pessimistic, cynical persona, so to be confronted by this alien in Adaku skin who's constantly smiling and happy was disconcerting to say the least. But I am though and I make no apologies for it, I am happy, life is beautiful, I am beautiful, love and light to everyone, lol. Ookaay now I just sound deranged, anyhoo to the business at hand.

In my last post I talked about the Pink Pearl Foundation and their work of spreading awareness about breast and cervical cancer, on Saturday the 9th of October we went to Mushin to educate people, hand out information packets and demonstrate the appropriate means of carrying out self examinations on breasts.

Ediri, Adanna

Omawunmi, who's one of the ambassadors for the Pink Pearl Foundation and the other officials. Omawunmi is giving serious face in this photo, cracks me up everytime I look at it.

It turned out to be quite a fun morning and a welcome change from my usual social routine. As my tormentor Ediri said when she was telling me about it "your life shouldn't be all about fashion and events and parties and shows, come out and do something different for once and in the process help your fellow man". Ok, maybe she wasn't quite so eloquent and civilised, there was plenty of b***h, you better get the f**k out of your house and f*****g attend this rally for breast cancer, or something along those lines sha.

Earlier in the week I attended the party for the new Miss Nigeria Damilola Agbajor at the Marquee with my friends Jen and Jania. The girl is so GORGEOUS in real life! When I first saw photos of her on Bella Naija, I was like the other contestants must have been fugly for this babe to have won, not that I was being spiteful or anything but she didn't look special at all, I thought she was very ordinary, just bleh. But in person her facial features are exquisite, I was just like wow. Also Nike Oshinowo-Soleye is a MILF toh quality (not that I personally would, but I know many guys my age she can get it from, repeatedly). She really looks amazeballs for her age, body is ridiculous, skin is whatever she's on, I want some of that in 20 years time.

Res ipsa loquitor people, does this look like a beauty queen? In person though she's just really beautiful.

Jania, Jen, Mai

On Sunday I attended the Basketmouth show Lord(s) of the Ribs (I know its "Lords" but I just feel like I'm gbagauning when I say it so I prefer "Lord"); at the Expo Center at Le Meridien Hotel.
*sidebar* The Expo Center seems to be the hottest place in Lagos now, every fabulous event is taking place there, I've beeen there not less than 4 times in one month alone and I think I have 2 more events to attend there before the end of this month, jeez. The word "overkilling" does not exist in the Nigerian dictionary.

Anybody who knows me well knows I'm a huge fan of laughter, I crack up for the daftest things, that song from Mary Poppins "I love to laugh" should be my theme song. So if there's a comedy show I'm in there like swimwear. No jokes but Basketmouth is BALLING! I'm sure it def costs a bit to book the Expo Center first of all and the tickets cost 5k for regular and 20k for Vip, the Expo Center is massive but it was packed, regular, vip, everywhere, people were even standing sef. At the Vip tables we got complimentary champers, small chops and hors d'oeuvres (I kid you not, like stuffed bacon, anchovies on crackers, pate), in the words of Winterbottom I was flabberwhelmed. One lucky bugger also won N1million, they gave out 2 Virgin Atlantic tickets to watch the next Lord of the Ribs at the O2 in England and a South African Airways ticket. Dude also had some heavy sponsors. I was just like daaaang, comedy pays sha.

He had international comedians from South Africa and England, the SA dude was the best of the night, i stayed rolling throughout his performance. After the comedians the musicians now took over; 2face, MI and where there's MI there will be Banky W (I don't know why but keep an eye out yourselves, if you see Banky W somewhere, look around you'll def see MI too), IcePrince who performed that banger, "Oleku", Sound Sultan, ELdee, Terry G, Wizkid etc.

Wizkid is just the cutest, chai, fine boy no pimples and he's soooo young. I loved Terry G's performance, I'm such a Free Madness stan, that song is jut pure foolywang, dude is not claiming to be some sort of intellectual or a sensitive person, its just a fun fun song. Himself, who is used to my Celine Dion taste in music could not believe his eyes when I jumped up and was shouting "free me now!" with the rest of the crowd, I showed my Arondizuogu that day, trust.

Banky performing Strong Ting with Kafy, o seksi gan

Ooooh and last week I finally received the Contour & Highlight Kit and Brush from Sleek Makeup that I won in @sleekmakeup's twitter contest. Great product, gave me cheekbones for days.

And I officially finished NYSC, yay! It was a great year.

Ediri, Winterbottom

And after much yarning I'm out Blogville lovers xxx

Me, at work right now. 21st century lawyer toh bad

This post is dedicated to a fellow profashional Omoshalewa Akin-Taylor who was so concerned about the fact that I hadn't blogged in a while she called me out on twitter. Love and light xxx (and yes I fapped that from Kimora, if it bother's you can like to jump inside a mine)


  1. lol......this is so unlike ur beauty posts but i luuurrrrrved it! Love and Light!

  2. iLove your outfit for work....very chic!

  3. Omawunmi also cracked me up in that pink pearl pic, lol...

  4. @Yemmie. thank you sweetie

    @msO You know this, in my mind I work at Vogue

    @Myne, I swear I stay rolling whenever i look at it.


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