Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Weekend and Slu....ssshhhh

I love public holidays and every day I thank Jehovah that I live in a country that has public holidays for days. The general ones, religious ones, just for the hell of it ones...e.g.
- January 1st: New Years
- February 26th: Id-el-Maulud
- April: Good Friday, Easter Monday
- May 1st: May Day
- May 29th: Democeacy Day
- September 11th: Id-el-Fitri
- October 1st: Independence Day
- November 18th: Id-el-Kabir
- December 25th: Keresimesi
- December 26th: Boxing Day

I know there are more, I just can't remember them right now. June 12th is observed in Lagos too...sometimes and the darling that is Obasanjo decreed that if a public holiday fell on a weekend then the following weekday will be work-free! In addition to my Nysc cd days, honestly I've barely worked this year.

Anyhoo, October 1st was Naija's baiday therefore I sat my heinie at home on Friday, though I heard some efiko's were spotted at work. Around midday I started to get cabin fever *I can never be a housewife btw, boredom for yonks* so I decided to go hang with my faboosh friend Jen, who got it into her head to eat puff-puff by all means that day. She actually went to the market to buy flour and had her cook make puff-puff, jokes! We spent the day watching Gossip Girls Season 4, The Good Wife, chopulating the puff-puff, kissing her son Osahon and gossiping seriously. Before I left had to take a gander at Jens closet, one word for it...phenomenal! One day I have to do a blog post on her closet, from Louboutins, to Lanre Da-Silva, to Deola Sagoe, to Jewel by Lisa, to Vuitton, Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, Chopard, Miu Miu, get my drift. Its absolute madness in there. A t-shirt or tank top dare not show its face in Jen's room, the girl wears outfits. In short I stan for Jen's closet.

Went on to Bisola Winterbottoms house for yet another party (this child really needs to go into event planning, she draws crowds to the Mainland whenever she's having anything).

That was my October 1st in a nutshell, didn't do anything remotely patriotic, couldn't be bothered to be honest. The whole independence thing was getting on my nerves sef, earlier in the day I was in some godawful traffic because members of Christ Embassy decided they wanted to set up a float in the middle of the road and start handing out copies of that Rhapsody book, can't remember the proper name. Anyhoo, in an effort to try and get out of it, I did some Grand Theft Auto style driving and managed to knock off someones side mirror. Nigerians, being the drama loving people that they are, the scene was crowded in 5 seconds. Being a law-abiding citizen I had no intention of making a run for it, so I parked, went over to the guy and offered to share information so I could get his car fixed. Dude just went OFF on me, yelling and what not. I was just like shouting is not gonna fix your car, the guy wasn't even listening, he just kept yelling, the amebos were there shouting, okada guys were was a mess. Seeing that noone was being rational there, I left them and went to my car to sit down until the guy was ready to talk and apparently that was a huge insult, it seemed to annoy the crowd the more that I wasn't begging or grovelling, that I went to sit in my car. I was totally confused, I'd admitted responsibility for the damage, I had offered to pay for it and I had apologised, why would they need me to beg, was it gonna help the situation in any way. Nigerians are just insane, honestly nothing can save this country. Finally managed to get outta the situation.

Saturday was my boyfriend Azubuike's 4th birthday and he was having a pool party for all the baby kele's in Parkview, so as his aristo mummy, I made my way down there. My baby threw a hell of a party, he had great food, hannah montana karaoke, babes in barbie bikinis, spiderman party was a great day.

Adanna, Azuibuke's mum, My baby. p.s. I got him the gift he's holding, a Buzz Lightyear light saber type sword. It was a HIT. My gift buying skills are legendary

From there went on to Slu...ssshhh at the Marquee with Adanna, awesome party. There were performances by Ikechukwu, MI, some other dudes I can't remember their names but I know their songs sha. Noble Igwe throws a slammin party. I met soo many twitter peeps, shotout to @pamboogie, @ricdizzle, @jideaboderin.

Peep my gorgeous new Odion Mimonet purse. Thanks darling xxx


My boo, the original Bad Guy, Afolabi aka Beazy

Mr. Incredible. There's a funny story behind how I met MI. At the 2face concert, I was sat at a table next to his and at some point I tweeted "MI is short, Chineke". One gbeborun either copied him in the tweet or Retweeted it, anyhoo he saw it and was like @VivrantThing I heard you o. Everyone who knows me knows I heart MI tres much, I had to let him know that his size was not commensurate to my loving him, lol. The long and short of it was he started following me on twitter and we began a beautiful friendship

Ikechukwu performing

Adebayo. He's the Creative Director for Onyx & Pearl Clothing and I recently started spotting him at events (he's such a cutie) he also writes the blog

Sunday was totally chilled out, mooched around His house, then we went to get mini burgers and watch the Arsenal-Chelsea match later in the day.
*sidebar* The bowling place at the Silverbird Galleria (can't remember the name) does awesome mini burgers, like I've become totally addicted to them and you get 6 burgers with fries for only N1,900. Thats amazing value, trust.


  1. No go corrupt that poor pikin ooh! lol, Cougar.

    That's one thing I miss about Gidi, the endless holidays are ridiculous, we aren't that lucky in the states, I used to envy when friends used to visit on "Bank Holidays"

    Abeg do that post on your friends closet, sounds like a dream.

    One can say you're def enjoying Las Gidi

  2. I need to be given a prize for always being first

  3. Lawd, so next public holiday is next month? :-( I better not still be stuck in NYSC camp o!
    You are totally balling babe, love love your yellow dress and your Odio Mimonet purse! #Lust
    Aww and your Boyfie is a total cutie! :-)

  4. haha..i miss naij and the holidays:-(

  5. Lmaoooo..... I should quit being a Legal babe and save my soul through events planning, eh?

    P.S.: We have a meeting with Simi & co. on Sunday, so u bera be free!

  6. WOW! I wish I had a social calender like that!!! *jealous* We also have a long weekend every month in Canada too!! iLove it!

  7. @Zena, you know this. Your first skills are legendary.

    @Young Grumbler, I think camp would def be over before a any public holiday. He's the best!

    @Bugo, Naij misses you too.

    @Winterbottom, meeting ke? We'll see sha, we have breast cancer awareness moves on Saturday o.

    @MsO Its not that serious o. Holidays are the bestest.

  8. lol the MI story cracked me up! You looked really nice at the party :) Lastly lol weren't you scared at all the noise those pple were making though? I'd have been panicking.

  9. @MissNatural thanks boo. At all o, i'm an omo Eko, it'll take more than a few agberos to scare me


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