Thursday, May 3, 2012


The title of this post is influenced by the fact that my friend said I looked like the worlds tallest bumblebee wearing this sweater.

I'm sticking my tongue out at you heifer.

Vintage mohair jumper
H&M leather trousers
Dolce & Gabbana aviators
Doc Marten boots

You guys might remember this jumper from the post I did on my one and only successful vintage shopping experience. I haven't been back because vintage is not really my thing but a lot of times I see a few pieces here and there that spark my interest.

In Nigeria you could probably only get "vintage" aka bend-down select if you organized an expedition deep into the bowels of Balogun market. If you don't mind water used to wash fish or meat splashing on you, my Igbo brothers tapping current, and nearly being mowed down on every street by could get some really good finds. Luckily those dark days are long gone with the introduction of fab brands like Elsie Vintage, Toseki Vintage and Retrospective; you don't have to risk your life everytime you feel like reveling in the 70s or 80s. Even a vintage unbeliever like me has to admit that these ladies stock some amazing stuff.

Anyhoo haven't worn it since I got it so I took it for a spin yesterday when I went out to have a long, gossip-filled lunch with my friend T, who I'm sending prayers out too btw. The poor child just recovered from a bout of chicken pox and she's getting married in Tuscany in two weeks, a wedding I'd been looking forward to like mad but can't attend now because the Government still has my passport hostage and it looks like they might have it for a while.

I swear I've shed a tear or two because of this, a chance to escape this dreary weather for a weekend under the Tuscan sun *see what I did there* and I can't because I just had to get a work visa.


On a happier note, I know I've bombarded my poor followers on twitter with this news all week....



Presenting the DAKS Blouse....

Can you tell that I'm still excited?????

This uber fab beaded and scalloped blouse is part of the Virgos Lounge for Topshop High Summer Collection which is available to shop now at Topshop Oxford Circus and available for pre-order on the Virgos Lounge website.

You already know I love everything the VL girls come up with, so no need to regurgitate all the pictures of the High Summer collection on here, they're already everywhere....but as usual I have my eye on a few pieces. I didn't want to pre-order them online because I have to be in London in a couple of weeks for the Watch The Throne concert so I figured I'd mosey on down to Topshop myself and buy everything I want there (if they still have any left).

Oh yeah and if anyone buys the DAKS blouse, send a picture of it to me s'il vous plait......and if you don't mind I'll put it up on TWP.

Shame on me getting all territorial over someone else's intellectual property.

Love and light xx



  1. hahaha!! you do look like a bumble bee. Congrats on getting a top named after you. I just got a dress named after me too :)

  2. And that's a lovely top too :)

  3. Awwww..... Recently, I was honoured with a brand of pure water being named after me :-)
    I've sent 5 complimentary "satchets" to darling mummy!

    I actually love the jaundiced jumper!

  4. I like the mohair jumper and the 'bumblebee' look as whole! My only issue with mohair is that it gets EVERYWHERE! :-)

    1. I know right, so annoying. There were strands all over my flat, and in my hair too. Ugh

  5. And nice one on the 'Daks'!!!! Amazing stuff!

  6. That top is really nice.. One of my coworkers is actually gushing over it as I type.. *Nosy coworker she*

    I shouldn't be blogging at work but....
    *Tangent Running*

    1. Lol, thank you. Let your co-worker look as much as she likes abeg :)

  7. The sequin does it!

  8. When i saw the name of the blouse on the website, i grinned cos i just knew it was for you... and i was right :) It's pretty pretty.

  9. Ah this is huge o! So u are now doing topshop tinzz. Very purrty top. You defo deserve it seeing how much u patronize them. :)

  10. Love the sweater. This post couldn't have a more appropriate name *lol*
    By the way, we're HUGE HUGE fans! And we featured you on our blog:

    We hope you like! XO

  11. Top is beautiful, nice detailing, heading over to VL now to see what else they have

  12. You are definitely a VL girl so its no surprise you had it named after you!..LOOOL!!
    beautiful blouse too!!

  13. Love the top and will definitely be purchasing!

  14. LMAO @ world's tallest bumblebee. A cute one too. I like the sweater.
    Aww, congrats on the Daks blouse. You definitely deserve it for all the PR that you've done for VL. Good stuff.

  15. i love the sweater. :)


  16. Congratulations on the blouse dear. I think the name suits it appropriately. It will be good to see ya lanky frame again (yes, you do look like a bumblebee). Glad to know you're having a sale, I thought we'd have to take some of your baggage from you. Be back safe hun, Gide has missed you.

  17. Oh wow! A DAKS blouse by VL. Congratulations, boo!

  18. Oh wow! A DAKS blouse by VL! Congratulations boo..x

  19. I am not a blogger. Just a blog stalker. I just want to be a groupie this one time. I love your blog!! Its such a breath of fresh air. Thats all. Best wishes in the future.

  20. I have this blouse and i love it! the last time i wore it i got compliments and even a new VL recruit 'cos she also wanted to get it..

  21. I have this blouse and i love it! the last time i wore it i got compliments and even a new VL recruit 'cos she also wanted to get it..


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