Monday, May 14, 2012

Shop TWP

Sorry for the extreme lack of posts, I've been feeling a little uninspired and the weather doesn't even help. One day, last Tuesday, it rained, snowed and the sun blazed down all within a two hour span (mind = totally blown by this meteorological feat by the way). I've had almost two weeks of grey, dank weather and my spirits have aligned themselves accordingly. Hopefully the fact that I'm typing this means I'm slowly getting out of my funk.

Anyway as promised, I'm starting the Shop TWP part of my blog today, its an avenue to sell off items I own which may be brand new or pre-loved and hope that someone will give my babies a good home.

This is a trial run to see if it does well, if I'm inundated with a flurry of orders then it'll definitely become a permanent fixture, if not......I'll jejely withdraw the items and give them to my younger sister who's usually the No.1 raider of my wardrobe and has refused to speak to me since I told her I was going to start selling my stuff off instead of giving them to her.

The process is tres simple, you browse the site, see an item you want and send an email to

For the time being I'll be shipping solely to the United Kingdom and expand to international deliveries later. Reason being I'm not sure I can trust Royal Mail deliveries to places like Nigeria, I sent an item through Royal Mail to Lagos last year and its yet to arrive. I'm pretty sure it disappeared when it got to the hands of NIPOST. If however you live outside the UK and want an item and will like to place your faith in Royal Mail, I'm willing to oblige.


Love and light xx


  1. pls how much is the Ejiro dress and how to I place the order, I dont see a shopping cart anywhere. My email is

    merci :)

  2. we love your cloathes, when are you putting more out there ooooh oooh have you thought of doing a fashion line? respectfully yours, your biggest fan.

  3. drooling over the Lanre Da Silva vintage dress. I wear a 10-12 top (ok I lie, a 12 up) and a 12-14 down. can i squeeze myself into it?
    lemme know via email

    Check out my blog

  4. Nooooooooo! bleeding heart right now! really loveed the sheer maxi dress. can't explain how it i missed it? when are you putting up more pweeezzzz. promise i wont wink n miss again :)

    1. Soooo sorry. Not sure when yet but look out for a post announcing a future date.

  5. When are you putting your accessories? *grins* I sure won't fit into your dresses so I won't kill myself. But your accessories are a different ball game.


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