Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Watching The Throne

My ears are still ringing, my voice is gone, my joints ache.......this tells me two things; I'm way to old to be up and about past 10pm and I had an unbelievably epic night.

Best. Concert. Ever.

The Watch The Throne concert was an experience.

Thanks to Thisday I've seen loads of awesome artistes; Jay Z, Ciara, SWV, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Rihanna, John Legend, Shakira, Kelly Rowland, P. Diddy, R. Kelly, T-Pain etc (oh and I saw Nelly, Nas and Murphy Lee at the Transcorp one time) but due to overpriced tickets, late starts and terrible seating I've never really felt like I was having the the full concert experience.

WTT changed all that.

It literally blew my mind, I'm not even kidding. I'm already a massive Jay Z and Kanye West stan and watching the two of them tear up the stage at the O2 was insane.

First off, I got into London yesterday on what had to be the hottest day of the year, like it was boiling. Dropped my stuff off at my friend Mia's and we decided to head into Central so we could eat and go to the concert from there.

 In my mind its already summer, you can't tell me nothing.

 Miss Selfridge mullet top
H&M boyfriend shorts
Gucci hi-top trainers
Louis Vuitton Brea MM

I LOVE how long this top is, from the back it almost looks like an extra long t-shirt dress.

I already knew the show was going to be epic, my friend Nwabugo went on Saturday and she's not even a hip-hop head like that but she came out raving at how awesome it was. Some people aka Dami had been tweeting and instagramming about it non-stop so I knew it was going to be an experience but still nothing prepared me for the greatness I was about to see. It can't even be captured fully in words and pictures, you had to have being there.

And yeah Kanye West is really nuts, the man has a serious god complex, I love it but he needs some sort of leash to reign him in from time to time.

I tweeted about how if Kanye and Jay Z were really in the Illuminati they had def initiated everyone in the room that night. There were so many instances when we all threw up the Roc diamond in unison, some times without even being told to and I'd just look round the immense venue and every single person had their hands up, fervour in their eyes, sometimes completely silent. I don't believe in the whole Illuminati conspiracy theories but I can't lie it was a little eerie at times, like we were all in one big cult and Jay and Kanye were kinda like leaders. Even Mia who is one big vat of level headedness had to admit that the whole thing seemed not quite kosher.

It didn't help that they were beaming all these weird symbols about and had these bestial images on the screen, I repeat,; I do not believe in the existence of a celebrity Illuminati but I think Jay Z and Kanye probably think the whole thing is a big joke and tend to play to the gallery a bit.

In the interest of my old bones I had a seat even though I love a good mosh pit but I needn't even have bothered because I was on my feet all night and there was such a great atmosphere in the room that by the end of the night I was best friends with all the people around me; hugging, dancing and taking pictures. It reminded me of when I went to see The Hangover, by the time I left the cinema I had made like 20 new friends, all from laughing over how hilarious the movie was.,

The girl on the left was probably the nuttiest person in the entire arena, she had to be occasionally restrained to stop her from getting to the stage. Love her.

I never saw a chair or a table I couldn't climb when I was hyped up on good music and by the time Jay Z did 'Big Pimpin' (which is my all time favourite Jay Z song) I was on my chair, top wrapped around my waist because it was blazing in that arena and trying to dougie and keep my balance at the same time.

Best bits of the night; Izzo, Big Pimpin, Stronger, All Of The Lights and the baba..........Niggas In Paris which they performed EIGHT times, 8!!!!!!!!!!!

Lord I damn near lost my mind.

Best. Night. Ever

Love and light xx


  1. awwww HOV & YEEZY, don't i just envy you,from the photos i can imagine how crazy it was.
    i love your look..especially the trainers.

  2. your experience sounds ah-mazing! I've never been to a big celebrity concert like that; im interested in that eerie feeling of total presence these stars illuminate.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I totally get why stars have such huge egos. Imagine hundreds of thousands of people literally worshiping you at the same time. I don't blame them for letting it go to their heads, it would take a saint to not trip over that kind of adulation.


  4. I was there yesterday too, it was great!! I cant believe they performed Niggas in Paris for 25 mins!!! That was the highlight of the night. (Seeing your outfit now I think I saw you too)

  5. Love the bag! xo

  6. green with envy. JayZ is my favorite artiste of all time

  7. Hey babe, you've been tagged on my blog. Check it out please:

  8. Looks and sounds like good times!

  9. AM JEALOUS .........arggggggggggggh

  10. I went to the Sat show and had another opportunity to go again on tuesday- IT WAS THE BOMB!!!! The brought the house down big time both times.

    Best concert i have ever been to, next fav was beyonce's concert

    Loving the top/dress

  11. JEAL!!! Honestly wished I free'd up some time to watch my boo do his thang!! :(
    *sobs & wails*


  12. i read and follow your blog, never commented though, but iv always had this burning question to ask....
    what do u do to your eyebrows? they always look sooooo purfectly done up, its amazing
    share the secret please.. ;)

  13. can u share the link or message me to where you got the mullet orange top? i love it and wanna get it..went to their website and didnt see it there...



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