Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colours & Prints

Wore this out last weekend to an auction

Zara Blazer
River Island zebra print shirt-dress worn as shirt
Topshop ribbed bandage skirt
Topshop 'monkey' necklace worn as bracelet
Prada baroque sunglasses get it HERE
Louis Vuiton Brea MM
Tory Burch Aaaden ballet flats get it HERE

I'd never been to an auction before and I was looking forward to the high octane energy I'd seen in auctions on tv. It was pretty much the same, except the auctioneer didn't talk as fast as I expected but the energy was the same, heart pounding when the lot you want is up, bidding and winning your lot.....

Would definitely do it again. I kept tweeting my amazement at the fantastic stuff available; paintings, diamonds, Rolexes, flat screen tvs; and the prices being called, I kept hearing 30,000 pounds, 50,000 pounds, mind = seriously blown.

People were bidding for luxury items and I was there to get an iPad 3

*RIP to my iPad 2, the screen mysteriously cracked a couple weeks ago, I am desolate*

Sadly I didn't get my iPad

Oh yeah and Persian rugs, statues, clocks and stuff were being auctioned off too. I'd definitely go again, very exciting.

Back to au naturel hair again as you can see. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice on how to keep my hair from breaking, I think I'm slowly seeing results.

Love and light xx


  1. this outfit is really smart and professional; the vibrancy of the zara blazer is amazing x

  2. never really been a big fan of auctions but I hear people get really great deals there but I've attempted penny auction websites which weren't bad. Sorry about not getting the ipad3 lol; I like the mix of the red blazer and the zebra print. lovely outfit!

  3. One hot lawyer. Love love your outfit!

  4. I adore your sunglases. Love the pop of colour with your blazer too.

  5. I adore your sunglases. Love the pop of colour with your blazer too.

  6. Lovely outfit Adaku,love your sunglasses

  7. I did a similar combo about 2 weeks ago but I wore black skinny jeans instead

  8. I love the blazer and the sunnies mehn...very hot! I would love to attend a proper auction one day. I'm tired of this children and adult harvest bazaar auction in my parish. lol.


  9. Those flats cost $250 .Holy Moses. U look fab tho

  10. Nice your sunnies .....x!

  11. What camera do you use?

    Love love love that zara blazer.


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