Monday, July 23, 2012

Styling The 'Aggy'

So I had a bit of a night out last weekend at my friend Erenmas birthday dinner and decided to re-rock my Virgos Lounge Aggy jacket. 

It was recently featured on Bella Naijas "Who Wore It Better" segment where I was pitted against Angela Simmons (thanks a lot BN). I was a little apprehensive about wearing it again after it had just being featured even though it was for an event I went to back in December 2011, but I thought "pfffffffffft, the jacket cost me quite a few pounds, I can wear it everyday till thy kingdom comes if I want to". 

Plus I thought it would be a good way to show how else the 'Aggy' can be worn because it is an amazingly versatile yet statement piece.

I was initially going to wear it sans anything under it but it meant a night of flashing my goodies at innocent bystanders so I decided to play it safe and PG by wearing a bralet underneath. Paired it with a sheer maxi skirt from ASOS which at first I thought might be a bit OTT but I loved it.

Virgos Lounge 'Aggy' jacket sold out but get similar embellished jacket HERE 
ASOS sheer maxi skirt get it HERE or a different colour HERE

The birthday girl! My Erems babes

Good times.

Looking forward to more good times, I'll be at the Nigeria House concert at the Theatre Royal tonight featuring Naeto C, Mi and Tiwa Savage. I'm a mahoosive Tiwa Savage stan, cannot WAIT to see my girl.

Love and light xx



  1. Nice...loving your natural hair look. Would have love to meet you tonight but work beckons..have fun babe and by the way I sold 2 Zara Jackets to my clients. Thanks to your post.

  2. love the jacket and the celebrant's dress.

  3. Great pictures, have fun at the concert.

  4. That skirt is fire <3

  5. Nice restaurant ...again.:) .whats it called?and where is it?thanks.x


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