Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas on the StreetZ

Sooooo it’s that time of the year.. You know the one where we bring out all the lights and the decorations. It’s also that time of the year where we exchange gifts or we give to those who don’t have enough.

So please join us this year as we do something different. If you have followed the news this year, at one point or the other you would have heard of the displaced settlement known as Makoko. They barely have enough infrastructures to be called a community but that is what they are.

This is why on December the 25th, we are planning on having lunch with as many residents there as possible. Mostly the children and as many adults as we can get around to. And this is where we need you all to come in. We will be accepting monetary donations no matter how little to make this happen. So please feel free to give us as much as you can afford. Remember “Tis the Season!!

We are still in the process of setting up an account but if you feel you want to be among the elite that will start our campaign with us, please feel free to contact us right away… And as much as we need monetary assistance, we will also want more people to get involved. So please get at us. We will also be needing volunteers that will come out to the community with us on that day! More information will be put out shortly!

Got questions? Of course you do!

Contact Us:

Ada (for GTN)
Twitter: @ada_d_body
Tel: 08187145234

Twitter: @madphury
(Same email and number)



  1. Excellent!! I've been looking for this for a while now. I'm gonna call in now.

  2. This is great. Would have been part of this if I were in lagos but participating in something similar in Abuja

  3. I am very happy that such an event is been planned for those in Makoko. I am very interested in participating but unfortunately I am not in the county but will be representing in prayer & monetarily. Please, how do I contact you? God bless Nigeria & the good people who are blessed to help & help cheerfully.

  4. Victoria, please you said something similar will happen in Abuja. I want to volunteer. Details please. :)

  5. I love this! God blessed me this year with a new job and my lovely boyfriend so I wud love to give back. Thanks for this avenue. Bn an avid reader of ur blog Daks but I've never commented. I love ur blog tres much. Thumbs up


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