Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sequined Black & Beaded Yellow

Wore this out to two events on Saturday; a wedding and my company's Womens Network year end do.

Horror of horrors, I forgot my camera so I only have these pictures I took just before I left home.

Virgos Lounge Amber blouse in Mustard; ASOS sequined pencil skirt, Zara ankle strap pumps.

Oh yeah, shey you see I took you guys advice, I think I'm going to keep my natural hair out a bit longer. the breakage is hurting my heart but I'm still loving the look.

Love and light xx


  1. love love this look. colour really suits you :)

  2. Love the outfit!
    So i left my computer unlocked at work and my boss walked by my desk and guess what your blog was open *covers face* She said, wow!!! who is that? she is gorgeous. I had to claim oh, I said oh that's my friend *wink* and she goes i am not surprised you are beautiful i bet you know only beautiful people. LOL
    Caught in the act first hand chai #blogaholic

    PS I love your blog... :)

  3. Hey Daks dear you look stunning as always. You should not be experiencing hair breakage because you are wearing your hair out as long as you make sure you keep your ends protected and well moisturised. Check out my blog for healthy hair tips and for hair style inspirations. I have a lot in store for the Holidays.

  4. love ur outfit,d colour suits u.

  5. beautiful!! yellow is so gorgeous on your skin! that skirt is on you

  6. Ooh, niiiice!
    And your hair looks good. If you're worried about breakage, maybe put a few lines of weave in, so at least some of it is protected. Or just do buns all the time, but that's so boring, I know :)

  7. bought this skirt because of your previous post...although the black was sold out...bought the gold...

  8. bought this skirt after i saw it in your previous post. although, the gold as the black was sold out. you look great and compliments of the season

  9. You look lovely dear. The whole outfit is speaking to me :D

  10. You look so lovely! I like the black and gold look. Your natural hair looks nice :)

  11. Daks nwanem! Oku oku!! You never fail me.
    Meanwhile, where can I get lovely strappy sandals? The shoes I see in the shops are so "platformy"... I have large feet o!

  12. God Bless You Daks!
    ive had this skirt for a while and ive been having trouble with what to pair it with.
    im too happy about this post

  13. You're gorg <3 p.s that smile in the last picture >>>>>


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