Monday, December 3, 2012

TWP Restaurant Review - Bar Campione

So I decided to start something new on TWP, I eat out quite a bit and I've noticed whenever I mention I went to a particular place I get comments asking what I think about the place and also messages asking me to recommend places to eat or have group dinners in Lagos.

So I figured when I go somewhere I might as well document the experience.

We're starting off today with Bar Campione.

Bar Campione is an Italian-American sports bar/restaurant located in Victoria Island. It boasts luxurious seating, cinema style sports viewing with in-play sports betting.

Yup, you can place bets as you watch, hellooo William Hill.

I liked the decor, it was very dark, woodsy and manly. If there were cracked leather arm-chairs all over the place and a fugue of smoke in the air it could pass for one of those dim gentlemen clubs in London

There was enough space between the diners which I'm very particular about, there's nothing more annoying than trying to eat and having the elbow of the person at the next table in your soup.

They had quite an extensive cocktail menu, then again, this is Lagos, we rival the Irish in drinking, everywhere has an extensive cocktail menu.

Now to the bit I was there for, the food.

First off I thought the service was a bit lacking. We had an enthusiastic waiter but he just didn't seem to be on the ball. I don't know if it was because we came in at lunch time on a weekday and they probably weren't prepared for guests but the service could definitely have been better.

I had French fries and prawns with a chilli sauce (I'm pretty sure my meal had a much fancier name but it escapes me right now). I thought it was great, besides the fact that the chilli sauce wasn't as peppery as I'd like (but I'm Igbo, we have pepper for breakfast). The prawns tasted awesome, great flavour and texture and my fries were just right, the right amount of crispy and delicious. The fries also had a slight tang which I loved, I'm a big one for flavour, can't stand bland food and this meal was certainly packed full of flavour.

Overall I really liked it.

On the flip-side however, my friend had a club sandwich and french fries and had no good words to say about it at all. I think the lacklustre service definitely contributed to his dissatisfaction, but he didn't like his food one bit.

One thing I thought that was funny was there was no sign out front. I don't subscribe to that nonsense of not having a sign because the people that know it can find it, I am directionally challenged, I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag and I need clear signs to tell me where I'm going. If I'd gone to this place myself I would never have found it, even now I still don't think I can.

They really need to enlarge that tiny "BC" sign out front and stick a great big "BAR CAMPIONE" billboard outside so people like me can find it.

In conclusion......

I liked it, I'll definitely go back, it had a nice chill vibe and good food. The staff might need to work on their people and service skills a bit though.

I give it 2.5 TWP stars out of 5.

Love and light xx

Bar Campione is located at No 13 Kasumu Ekemode street off Saka Tinubu street Victoria Island Lagos.


  1. You know the fees for sign posts in gidi don't come cheap.
    It's quite some money to the Lagos government.
    Naija restaurants then to put a lot of wrong sauces in their sandwiches..thus the bad reviews about the club sandwich.

    1. Oh really? Sign post fees are the reason for ensuring that your guests get lost? Well....they might wanna re-think their business philosophy.

      Lol @ wrong sauces. That's really surprising considering most of them are so-called top chefs.

  2. This is a good idea. I was in Lagos in the summer and the only 'eat out' option I was aware of, was the sharwama joint near ebeano grocery store in Lekki. The most annoying part was that I knew full well they were some top notch restaurants in the area! But none of my people knew where they were!!
    Please keep up with this idea. I've sha jotted down this address!

    1. Ah there are plenty o, well I won't say top notch because the five star ideal is sadly lacking in Nigeria but there are a few good ones.

      I will!

  3. This is a fantastic idea daks! I have always wished there was a blog/website journaling different fun things to do in gidi & the east. Especially for those of us in yankee/jand. U r the perfect person for this too. I see this venture blowing up o. Soon all these restaurants and places will be rushing u to feature their restaurant and host events there. Iseeeh! lol. At least these reviews will keep them on their toes and on their best behaviors....hopefully.

    1. Hahaha, if wishes were BMW X6's.

      There's a real dearth of sites rating hotels and restaurants in Nigeria. We mostly go on word of mouth to know if somewhere is nice. You have to be honest above all though or your doing yourself and your readers a disservice.

      It better blow up, lol.

      Thanks so much for your support.

  4. Can you please also give us an idea about the costs of drinks, food etc when doing these restaurant reviews. Thanks.

    1. I'll definitely do that, thanks so much for the suggestion!

  5. Yh was gonna say dat d prices pls

  6. You right reviews like a professional. I love it! Now I know where to go in Lagos!!! Thanks boo boo!

    1. Coming from the Superchef...massive compliment. Thanks babe

  7. Restaurant review? Good idea and great job too and photos.

  8. Hey Daks!!

    Restaurant Review is a good idea in my opinion.

    A very good friend of mine discovered this place and took me there...... it is really a nice place!!!! *Sigh* lovely
    Price is fair!!! my friend and I spent abt 7K (Two drinks each, Burger and chips, and I had Spaghetti Bolognese) Plus they do free drinks at 7pm on Wed. nights I think...

    Keep 'em coming......


    Tweeny Tee

    1. Thanks Tweeny!

      Free drinks at 7? Nice! i didn't know that.

      Thanks for the tip.

  9. Imma need to get my brother on ur site now. He is so fascinated about restaurant and stuff in Nigeria. He will be coming shortly.

    1. Oh please do! I'll definitely be reviewing more places as I go along


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