Sunday, May 25, 2014

Things Daks Loves

Because I just had to hijack the name and make it about me somehow.

Things Nigerians Love is a Nigerian label I have so much love for. They exhibit all the qualities I look for in a burgeoning Nigerian label; serious style, unique pieces, affordability (most importantly) and growth....the latter especially.

Their growth has been phenomenal, their first collection impressed me and when I viewed their last collection and received the pieces I literally did a little girls knocked it out of the park. I literally couldn't decide on what I wanted.

These are my favorites below, you can view the rest on

'Lady Danger' and Multi-Striped Jumpsuit
N9,000 and N9,200

Blazer Origami Dress in Black & White

'Lulu' Pleat Dress in Green & Black
N7,200 an oldie but a goodie

Twist Waist Dress

Will you look at those delicious prices and fabulous pieces......LOVE!

Love and light xx


  1. I love this jumpsuits! So fun!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Gosh I need that blazer dress, great post

  3. You gave that jumpsuit life, wearing that belt on it was 100%. TNL is really doing great with their designs. Simple and fabulous.

  4. I love this and the prices are wonderful


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