Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lady Danger

That's the name of the jumpsuit.....before you think I was implying something about myself.  Nothing dangerous here, I'm the biggest softie I know.

Shimmied into this TNL 'Lady Danger' jumpsuit this weekend and I promise you my stock has never been higher, not sure thought if it was because everybody just had their beer goggles on or it was the combination of Lady Danger, Ruby Woo and mild inebriation.

Pulled a trifecta with my friends Ify and Audrey

TNL 'Lady Danger' Jumpsuit; ASOS Obi belt; Louis Vuitton clasp purse; Valentino 'Rockstud Noir' patent leather sling backs.

Oh yeah, and the jumpsuit is just N9,000...see how happy I am about it?

Lots of love and light xx



  1. Daks! You're always gorgeous! Choi!
    How's our hair journey going?

  2. Hawt hawt hawt! Btw, do you know you don't look as tall as you really are, in pictures? Like I always feel a little surprised when I see you in person :p

  3. You look stunning! Love the jumpsuit!

  4. The belt gave the jumpsuit more life... I love it.

  5. Red looks good on you dear.

  6. Love your style! Simple and chic :)

  7. You look good!


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