Wednesday, August 26, 2015

LBD Nation

I wore a lot of black for nights out on my holiday. Not deliberate or anything but it just turned out to always be the case.

I've finally gotten over my law student hatred of black.....

The rebirth is real guys.

ASOS dress (sold out), get similar HERE and HERE

ASOS Dress (sold out), get similar HERE

Love and light xx


  1. Welcome back 'blogging beast' Hehehe. Glad to see the blog revamped!
    I've sincerely missed your posts

    1. Nunu! Yass hunny, oh and thank you for that bit of 'voltroning' you did on BN. I LOL'd so hard xx

  2. Adaku hun, your body is on the highest fleek. Chop knuckle!

  3. Ada please stop it! I don't mean it literally abeg. I am a fan of your blog. You have helped me in many ways. As selfish as this will sound, please keep blogging. I looked at your blog at a point in my life when I was so down, read from your posts in 2008 till the day I first found your blog,... and I picked myself up. Thank you Ada and keep slaying mama.

  4. Re-werk'd to perfection
    Gurrrrl! Wear black more, it suits you



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