Saturday, August 22, 2015


If you're following me on Snapchat or Instagram (@LoveTWP on both), I think it would have been pretty obvious this was my first time in Miami.

I posted A LOT. This was definitely one of my most fun vacations. 

I went with a few friends and we stayed at the Fontainebleau which is a pretty interesting hotel in the sense that its clearly targeted towards the 'vacation' crowd. So think families, college kids on Spring Break, bachelorette and stag parties. It is a 5 star hotel and is HUGE, so they're a bit short on the customer service side. Nothing damning, not just the same quality of care and service I'd gotten from other more individual-centric hotels like The Oberoi, Mandarin Oriental or The Carlyle. If you're looking to party, the Fontainebleau is definitely the place for you, which we yeah I guess it was perfect.

If not I'd say an Asian hotel, nothing beats the customer service at Asian hotels.

Miami was seriously surreal, in the sense that it was exactly as I'd imagined it. A lot of cities fall short of their tv image, e.g. Los Angeles and Paris. LA is definitely not the Hollywood they show you and most of Paris looks like Gabon....seriously. 

Miami on the other was like an episode of Miami Vice, all the buildings are pastel, Art Deco is everywhere (more on that later), people wear bikinis on the street Monday to Sunday 24/7/365 (I wore mine to the bank and kept thinking, "any moment now someone's going to come and haul me away for indecency"). 

Its a living, breathing 24hr party town, well South Beach anyway. Can't speak for the rest of the city.

If you haven't been I suggest you book yourself a ticket ASAP before you get bogged down with was fantastic.

I went on a walking tour of the historic Art Deco district, really wanted to go on a tour of Little Havana but no-one would let me :( apparently its 'dangerous' :|.

Anyway I got SCHOOLED on Art Deco. My previous knowledge was really restricted to the period which was mainly in the Twenties but I didn't really understand its history as an architectural movement. Now see the building below:

This is a standard Art Deco building. The main features of any AD building are that if divided straight down the middle both sides have to be exactly symmetrical; there is always a Rule of 3, usually in ascending and descending order (the top of the building going towards the peak, or the ledges over the windows which are called eyebrows); lastly there has to be a decorative feature, e.g. the front of the building, on both sides of the doors. Also Art Deco borrowed heavily from futuristic imaginings, so AD buildings always have a Jetson-esque quality about them, that over exaggerated outer space theme. Also apparently a lot of the millionaires who built AD homes were involved in the automobile industry and the building almost always have mock vehicle parts. like the Chrysler Building in New York which has a spire modeled after a car piston.

I loved it.

Celebrity sightings included P Diddy at LIV, Blac Chyna at King of Diamonds and Juelz Santana at Dreams.

Miami is a pretty young city and has barely any history before the 20th century, so I couldn't seek out any historical buildings or sites, just stuck to museums.

I spent a week in Miami and the rest of my time visiting family in LA, Los Angeles posts and outfit posts coming up.

Love & Light xx



  1. How fun! Welcome back. I like visiting cities with interesting architecture. Loved all the photos you posted on IG :)

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Now I can't wait to visit Miami! Lovely pics (as usual). And the part about Paris being like Gabon; I have to say truer words have not been spoken. Imagine my shock when I saw homeless ppl sleeping out in front of all d big designer stores at night and their smelly dirty metro stations...yuck

    1. Oh you should, I definitely need another trip back. Girl, Paris shocked me to my marrow. I was like, where are the damn lights?? City of Lights indeed.

  3. I thought Paris was beautiful.....I really did. Meanwhile in love with your blog's new outlook!

    1. Paris is beautiful but I feel like its only one section of the city that looks like the Paris that is sold to us. The rest of it is just so basic

      Thank you :)

  4. So you left Nigeria and went all the way to Miami only to find yourself paying for and eating Nigerian prawns. Lol
    Love your blog because it is not only entertaining, it is informative, educative and inspiring just by being you. You aren't even trying to but by sharing experiences and all the way you do, these qualities just come with it.

    1. Girl, I was shocked myself.

      Wow, thanks so much. I really appreciate this and especially needed to hear this today. Thank you

    2. You're welcome.
      Yes I commented on like 3 of your posts yesterday, was my TWP catchup day before I disappear (hopefully), lol.

  5. Awww, glad you had fun in Miami!!! Wish they would have let you visit Little Havana and Little Haiti! You would have loved it. BTW, those places are not dangerous.


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