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Catch Up - 30/04/15

Is it really a proper catch-up sesh if what I'm posting about is almost a month old?

Don't know, don't care :)

Over the Easter break I decided to do a little visiting, started out in New York for a few days.


I actually did something I've never done before, flew into a city with absolutely no plans. I was initially supposed to go straight to Maryland but I had a few extra days and haven't been in New York in a while (see HERE, HERE and HERE), so I thought why not.

Whenever I go somewhere there's always an itinerary and people to hang with, but this time there was nothing and I decide to sight see in New York for the first time. In cities I go to a lot, I never see the sights, I know where the best malls, restaurants and clubs are but I've never been to a....Buckingham Palace for instance, and its literally just a few stops away from where I lived in London. Same thing with NY, I've never really been anywhere besides my usual haunts so I meandered around the city for 4 days. Went to museums, art galleries, Central Park.....just roamed.

Actually went to Times Square by myself and just sat there, very different from when I've been there before with screaming half drunk friends.

*True Story! In 2005 or so, my brother and I went to the MTV store in Times square to buy MTV merch, and we saw this line outside the MTV studio. Now this was when TRL was still on and apparently the line was for the TRL audience. Usually you have to pre-book or something to actually sit inside the studio during TRL but that's like when a Britney or Justin is coming. That day it was Marques Houston (dead guy), and they needed bodies to fill up the audience so they allowed my brother and I join the line and go into the studio. It was soooo surreal! Like we saw Carson Daly and Vanessa Milino and Marques Houston and I was just like...woah. TRL used to air a few days after in Nigeria so I had my friends on high alert to watch out for us and a few of them actually caught it, we weren't using camera phones then or I'd have  a framed picture or something but the memory still bangs.

Biggest mistake was going to the Holocaust Museum on my first day, because I was pretty much depressed for a couple days after. Very educative, very enlightening, but so sad.

Like I said on Instagram, we need a Biafran War Museum, its still a mystery to me why this country likes to pretend the Civil War didn't happen. How are we not learning about it in schools? For the love of God, fix up Nigeria.


Did I mention my brother and his wife had twins? 

I didn't?

Meet Arinze Nathan and Adaeze Noelle :)

Biggest nwanne

My brother and his family came in from Los Angeles and we were all in town for my cousins daughter's birthday and to celebrate Easter with family. 

Easter Sunday!

My babe Stella of Jadore-Fashion came over to hang out and help me babysit. I'll like to add that my niece and nephew are pretty much perfect. 


Got into London the Tuesday and the MO was turn up and go home. I had a No Faaji For Lent policy in place so London was definitely the place to break it.

Decided to continue sight-seeing and was all prepped to go to the Tower of London but last minute changes and I went to the Sherlock Holmes museum instead. 

I'm a massive Sherlock Holmes fan, I've read all the stories and it was really a surreal experience. Its at 221B Baker Street like in the books and they re-created Holmes and Watson's entire home, down to Watson's busted old medical bag, the living room, their bedrooms, the attic and stand-out characters from the books.

Loved it.

FINALLY got my Nubian Skin tights, which I've reviewed, will post soon.

Hung out with friends, my friend Jen, who was my neighbor back in Aberdeen and whom I hadn't seen since we graduated. Actually the last time I saw her, was at her birthday, 3 years ago HERE

and my friends Chiz and Ifeoma.

 The night before I left, met up with my friend Maky of Maky's Corner and I know Maks is all zen mummy blogger and all, but the wild woman beneath is unleashed from time to time and we had the sickest night.

This was us before the madness ensued...

Ha! You thought I was going to post an 'After' picture, Chukwu e kwe na. We were utterly disreputable by the time it was over and I got on my flight the next morning looking like the Bride of Frankestein. Didn't open my eyes from the minute I left Heathrow till I got to Lagos.

Love and light xx

p.s. Oh and my friends Boki and Seember started blogs recently. Show them some love; RedLipsWin and GorgeousBrownSkin

p.p.s and its my soul sisters birthday today. Happy birthday Nekky Neks!!



  1. Ah! New York New York! No place like that city!! Meanwhile the twins are getting so big!! And you looked lovely globe trotting, as usual!!
    Thank you for the shoutout! We are truly soul sisters and I love you so much. Meanwhile we both know what happened the first time I debuted on your!! Waiting for the blessing comingfrom this shout out!

  2. Love your outfits and makeup, looks like you had a fun vacay. God bless the precious twins!

  3. there's a Biafra war museum in Umuahia i believe.

  4. Great post!

  5. You seem to have enjoyed yourself :) but what got me 'wow-ing' is your hot figure on that green dress! Hot!

  6. Yay! I refreshed this page so much, I nearly sent an angry tweet your
    You're looking like crim crim money and this endless holiday Daks.... Take me too :)
    Thanks for the blog shoutout, we've been fans of TWP a long time. You inspire.
    Bless baby girl xx

  7. The hyperlink to Seember's blog just redirects to Boki's blog instead. Please post her own url.


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